Troubles with Broadstripe?

Having problems with your Broadstripe service? Can’t get Broadstripe to provide uninterrupted service you pay for? You are not alone and there are options available. First, put your communication with Broadstripe in writing and record every outage in this communication. Broadstripe will likely ignore your complaint but keep recording your problems.

Please start locally as they will no doubt review the complaints received by the city prior to taking any action. Broadstripe is currently in bankruptcy and probably will not do much to improve their service. They have a very well deserved horrible reputation and currently have the worst rating nationwide for cable providers on

My Broadstripe service has been down about 50% of the time from late December 2008 to mid March and up four days in the last 5 weeks since then. When it is up it is incredibly slow. While Qwest does provide DSL service, we deserve more options, let the best service providers prevail, not those protected by the city of Seattle. Even if you are not a current Broadstripe customer, but once were and left due to poor service, please take a moment to notify the Office of Cable Communications about your experience. Our friends at Beacon are also frustrated: >;