Ghettos in Seattle?

We here in the 37th district all know Adam Kline.  He has been our senator for 14 years, backed by everybody who is anybody, and somebody who has a darn nice smile.  Here is something that you might not know about Adam Kline’s district.  There is a Ghetto being created in the heart of it.  That right ladies an getleman.  Already in ownership of the land is a contractor who plans on putting up two low income high rises next to the children’s play ground at Dr. Lavazzo Park.   This will be in addition to the three low income complexes that already surround Dr. Lavazzo Park.  The area was proposed as a parking lot for better access to the park, but things changed. This isn’t a bad thing right we need low income housing, but these high rise low income housing will be stacked on top of each other just like the Trenton Projects.  I don’t think the songs about Square Park Projects will be worth the violence that will ensue.  I wonder if Adam Kline had  thought about what happens when a park gets closed in by low income housing.  Maybe you should call him and let him know the Jackson Street Low income housing project can go somewhere and that he won’t have your vote unless he stops the creation of the ghetto in the heart of his district.   Adam Kline’s District Office 206.625.0800