Improving Route 2 in the Central District and First Hill

In light of the lively discussion around proposed changes to the #2, I thought folks might be interested in reading another perspective (on the potential benefits of the changes) over at the Seattle Transit blog (

EDITOR’S UPDATE: Here are some of the reasons STB’s Bruce Nourish lists supporting the changes to the #2 (which he described as one of the best aspects of Metro’s proposed changes:

  • Frequency of service to the Central District will remain unchanged, while frequency from Downtown to First Hill will double.
  • Destinations on Seneca are a flat, two-block walk further from Madison.
  • Should make Route 2 very reliable.
  • The City of Seattle’s Transportation Master Plan calls for rapid trolleybus service on Madison.
  • Avoiding lane-blocking turns from 3rd Ave improves the speed and reliability of all routes on 3rd Ave.
  • Makes the transit system easier to understand.

Read the post for Nourish’s reasoning behind each of the points.