stolen ashtray (now just the stand)

i live on 21st and marion.  i have built a front porch to enjoy the spring and summer months, say hello to passers-by, and have the occasional cigarette.  after taking part in this ritual last night, i found that, today, my ashtray had been stolen.  it was a gift and it was mine.  now, i know that i shouldn’t keep things out that i don’t want stolen but for christ’s sake, it was an ashtray.  so, if you took it, please return it.  or if you know who took, please return it for them.  i do not want to put up the obligatory central district fence/hedge in order to keep my stuff safe.  here is a picture of it on the front porch.  if anyone sees it please let me know so i can try to get it back.  thanks.

update.  just now, tuesday morning, a neighbor came by with the glass part of the ashtray.  seems that the thief only wanted the stand.  take another look at the pic, and if you see the stand somewhere, again, please let me know.  thanks so much, neighbors.