All Girl Everything Ultimate Program (AGE UP) is a South Seattle – based girls’ leadership and empowerment program that brings together middle school and high school aged girls with world-class female athletes through the sport of Ultimate Frisbee. 

 AGE UP is in the final stages of an online voting competition for a $5,000 grant – and they need your vote to win big. Voting closes at 12:00 noon PDT on Friday June 29

th. To vote go here

The group is taking part in GOOD’s “GOOD Summer” contest, an online vote that determines the awardee of the grant. At the time of this writing, AGE UP was near the top of the pile, third in a field of 146 project ideas.

 AGE UP uses the positive influence of Ultimate to engage girls in long-term intentional work, developing critical awareness, leadership skills, and positive identity. Just wrapping up its second year, AGE UP grew out of the rapid expansion of youth Ultimate in South Seattle, is dedicated to working with low-income girls of color, and is based at Jefferson Community Center. The program is entirely volunteer run and $5,000 would make a huge difference. 

“The thing I like the best about AGE UP was the fact that we learned about social justice and women’s empowerment and really like helps because it’s different from school. Because guys talk about girls and b-words and you know, so it was really empowering to learn about discrimination and stuff, to rise above that,” says one participant.

Voting on the GOOD site is free, simple, and easy, and every vote supports youth in our community having the opportunity to grow as leaders doing what they love in their own community. Please take a minute to support the amazing girls in this program  – vote – and spread the word! 

Thank you!