Africatown Innovation Center: Fulfilling our Community Needs


Yours truly, Africatown Innovation Center :

“Education IS a community institution …we need to build our OWN schools for OUR children…it should be run, supervised, implemented and administered BY the community” – Dr Umar Abdullah Johnson []

Africatown Innovation Center is a vibrant hub and resource with many types of programs for all people of African-descent. This video serves the purpose of bringing greater awareness to the need for such an “Africatown Innovation Center” and the types of programs currently housed in the center.

We’d like to thank all of those who helped with the production of this video: interviewer, interviewees, production team, community etc….Those who were filmed shared candid comments courageously and approved the use of their comments for this video. Those who helped put the film together spent a great deal of time and energy in doing so. And a special thanks to Africatown Innovation Center for being in existence and allowing us to be apart of such a groundbreaking movement.

“A Vision for Africa Town”

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“A Vision for AfricaTown”


by: Addisalem Gebremedhin (of NewHolly Community) and Solomon Welderfael (of Yesler Community)

Photo Credit: Gari Watkins


Imagine a place where people of one community share resources. Imagine life without competition and instead replaced with collaboration. Imagine a collective society. Imagine our very own Central District possessing these qualities; building each other up instead of dragging one another down. Wouldn’t that be some place? Who wouldn’t yearn to live in that world?

…What if I told you that world was possible, even better what if I told you it was already in the works? Would you believe me? Or would you have to see? On Sunday,April 21st 2013 at around noon I stepped into this reality. The Umoja Peace Center (UPC) was holding their annual Africatown Spring Fest at the Horace Mann building on 24th& Cherry.

A lovely workshop titled “Meeting of the Minds” was being held in one of the classrooms. I found myself among 30-40 passionate African-descent people generating ideas for an “Africatown Center”. What a beautiful sight, our people coming together for the greater good. Now I may have stepped in here on accident but my involvement would most definitely have great purpose. As the saying goes, “everything happens for a reason”. Continue reading