SPD arrests burglar for multiple felonies

Seattle police say they arrested a burglar yesterday who was high on crack and tried to evade arrest. They eventually booked him on multiple felonies.

From the blotter:

On 2/16/14, at approximately 11:30 a.m., officers responded to a call of a burglary in progress in the 1100 block of  26 Av S.  The resident and his girlfriend heard someone breaking a window at the rear of the house.  They called 911 and hid in the bathroom as the suspect kicked in the door.

The suspect was last seen by the victims walking north on 26 Av S, carrying 3 purses.  Officers responded  and spotted the suspect walking away from the house.  Officers attempted to stop the man who ran through a nearby parking lot until he was cornered near a blackberry patch.

The suspect attempted to flee through the blackberries but only made it about ten feet.  The man refused to comply with verbal commands and became resistive.  At one point, he reached back and grabbed hold of an officer’s duty weapon.

Officers gained control of the suspect and a stolen revolver fell from his waistband. The handgun was recovered and will be placed into evidence.

Seattle Fire responded and evaluated the suspect. While being evaluated and still handcuffed, the suspect  took off running on foot.  As the suspect was running away from the officers he slipped and fell into a parked car. He was once again taken into custody.

The 20-year-old suspect was transported to the East Precinct for processing. He was later booked into King  County Jail on multiple felonies.  The two officers were treated at HMC for minor injuries and released.

14 thoughts on “SPD arrests burglar for multiple felonies

  1. Love it when the Po Po get their perp! Good choice hiding in the water closet. Confrontation may have made this an entirely different story.

  2. The creep was armed with “a stolen revolver.” You responsible gun owners out there, secure your danged weapons so that when you get burgled after you’ve not bothered to get a house alarm, the rest of us are not in danger of being killed by your right to leave guns lying around your unalarmed homes. Yeesh.

      • Not at all. Was the stolen revolver stolen from the house that he just burgled? I don’t think so. I think he had it on him because, previously, someone left it unsecured and it was stolen – putting us all in danger.

  3. Where does it say in the report he was “high on cocaine?” I ask because tox screens at the jail are voluntary, and protected info. So unless he spontaneously uttered that he was high on cocaine I’d be interested to know where that info came from.

    I dislike burglars/robbers/thieves, having been victimized by all three types of creep myself in the past. Nonetheless, it bothers me a bit that CDNews is reporting allegations as fact. “Seattle police yesterday arrested a burglar who was high on cocaine and tried to evade arrest.” Ms. Hill, are all three of those assertions facts, or allegations at this point? SPD has their own blog, tumblr, twitter, etc., to present allegations as fact. Not sure journalists should be doing it as well.

    Lastly, if SPD had body cameras my bet is that there would be fewer handcuffed perps running their own faces in to cars. Again, I have no love of burglars, but my balogna meter goes off when a cuffed perp who just happens to have p.o.-ed the police runs his own face in to a car.

    • This information was taken directly from SPD’s blotter entry about the incident, which you can see if you click on the link within the story. We often pull these blotter entries directly so readers can quickly receive information about crime in the area.

      • Thanks Megan. It is what is and not much more. Though it could have been. He could have used the gun. As it was not his he may simply gave forgotten to use it.

    • It’s clear where you got your information. I think Celia’s point is that she doesn’t believe the SPD’s blog to begin with. (IE, “SPD has their own blog to present allegations as fact…”).

      • Sometimes I believe their blog, sometimes I don’t. That wasn’t the point. The point was that allegations shouldn’t be presented as fact by a journalist. I don’t look to SPD’s blog for objective news, I look for it here! :)

  4. He may be a maniac. What if he had kicked in that door to the room they were hiding in. Everyone in the whole place may have hacked up. And what’s your defence to that?. It’s not like folks have a handgun in the toilet tank. Not normal people anyways. We’re lucky this story went so well as the guy just left.with a few hand bags. A dog might have helped. Man. That story is really creepy. Maniacs on the prowl.

    • I think you’re assuming he stole the gun from the people hiding in the loo. I don’t believe he did (someone who has seen the police report correct me if I’m wrong). The way I read it, these poor people were the victim of an ARMED burglar BECAUSE he previously stole someone else’s UNSECURED weapon.

  5. It is very appropriate to republish the blotter information here. Violent crime is a big concern particularly in our neighborhood.

    It is not neccissarily worth CDN staff time to dig into the life story at this time. Sure we might all want more but more would come at the cost of other stories or business.

    And while I understand fully Celia’s questioning of police side of the story – in most cases like this it is as it should be.

    You must assume that burglers are dangerous. It is not practical to lacsidasically assume a burgled is a nice young man with gummy bears in his pocket or what ever. Therefor the take down must go fast and hard. For this fellow to loose a couple theeth on the front of a car is pretty much the best hopeful outcome. Anybody might have been shot in a protracted fight. The punk, police, or nearby children may have been shot. Thankfully all we have is a few missing teeth on a a violent serial felon.

    • I disagree and thank the Lord, so does the police academy’s use of force training. It’s a slippery slope for you to say that some people deserve a beating while cuffed. Who makes that decision? SPD? THAT notion certainly hasn’t been popular in the CD in my 50 years here nor in the USA at all, last I checked.

      Regarding my questioning of the story: I worked with cops for 20 years. They get mad when they have to chase people. So the fact that someone that already made them mad happened to, while cuffed, ram his own face in to a car strikes me as fishy. If you’re saying that a felon deserves to have his face smashed against a car while cuffed,, then you’re also ok with police lying about it. I’m ok with neither. It’s easy to say “that felon deserved it so it’s ok in this instance” but that is not how our legal system works, and again thank God for that.

  6. No Celia. I’m saying he got injured while fleeing and creating a fight situation that would have been difficult to.avoid. he had to go down because he was a clear.threat. as for the weapon – he stole it in another burglary. His fault and nobody else’s