SPD investigating 16th Ave shooting — UPDATE

Police found the victim of an apparent shooting following a 911 caller reporting gunfire and a person down on 16th Ave between Marion and Columbia early Wednesday morning.

According to police radio, officers found a wounded male in his 20s unconscious at the scene around 2:12 AM. An investigation was underway and the area around 16th was closed off as police and emergency crews were on the scene.

Seattle Fire reported that medics transported a male in his 20s from the 800 block of 16th Ave to Harborview with a gunshot wound to his chest. There was ongoing CPR due to his life threatening injuries.

UPDATE: As of 9:40 AM, there have been no updates about the situation from SPD.

UPDATE: Here’s the preliminary report from SPD:

Shooting suspect being sought

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Officers responded to a call of shots fired. On 1/22/14, just shortly after 2:00 a.m., a witness called 911 and reported hearing a single gunshot and then the sound of a vehicle speeding off in the 800 block of 16 Av.  The witness was able to see that the vehicle leaving was a red corvette.

When officers arrived they found the victim lying in the street.  He was unresponsive and had what appeared to be a gunshot wound to his upper torso.  Seattle Fire responded and transported the 37-year-old victim to HMC with life threatening injuries. Gang Unit detectives responded and processed the crime scene.

After clearing the scene Gang Unit detectives located a red Corvette parked 2 blocks away. The car was impounded to the processing room for an investigatory hold.

It is unknown what led up to the shooting. No suspect information is available at this time.

The investigation continues.

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