Med Mix building goes up for lease

File photo: Damage from August’s arson fire of Med Mix.

Closed since the August fire and the subject of months of speculation, Med Mix at 23rd and Union is now officially gone. They vacated the building despite reports they were planning to reopen, and now building owner Ian Eisenberg is looking for a new tenant. He says he does not currently have plans for the building, just that he’s looking to lease it.

When we learn more, we’ll let you know.


3 thoughts on “Med Mix building goes up for lease

  1. Lease to a pot shop, by any chance? I wonder how does the new lease asking price compare to what MedMix was paying.

  2. I think that building is cursed. Plus, it’s ugly. (The only building on that intersection that wasn’t ugly was destroyed by the earthquake)

    Tear it down and build something new there.

    • Then the people that whine about “gentrification” will bitch abiut that too. Because, you know– you can only have a thriving diverse community if it’s full of shitty old buildings.