21st and Cherry intersection to get pedestrian-friendly upgrades

photoResidents around the area of 21st and Cherry received a notice from the city earlier in January announcing planned upgrades to make the intersection safer for pedestrians. An endearing hand drawn map accompanied the notice.

The notice says, “The project consists of a curb extension on the southwest corner and a new wheelchair ramp on the northwest corner. This project was requested by the community through the Neighborhood Park and Street Fund, a city-administered program that works with communities to prioritize and build neighborhood projects.”

The project’s aims are to “reduce pedestrian crossing distance of E Cherry Street, improve pedestrian visibility, and improve accessibility for people with mobility challenges by installing new curb ramps.”

Cherry Street is notoriously difficult for pedestrians to cross — and even more so if you’re in a wheelchair. Motorists rarely obey Seattle laws requiring cars to grant pedestrians the right of way in most cases, even when there is no marked crosswalk. And they tend to move at high speeds as they come down the hill towards 21st Avenue.

The notice did not say when construction would begin, only that it would last two to three weeks and is scheduled for 2014. The city will place temporary “no parking” signs in the area three days before construction.



4 thoughts on “21st and Cherry intersection to get pedestrian-friendly upgrades

  1. Thank you SDOT, if you are the department that noticed this. For years I have been feeling that I am taking my life in my hands when I cross E. Cherry St.

  2. Yes, A simple and reasonable approach. If only the contractor could operate off that drawing, we could safe $10,000 on a technical drawing that says the same thing.

  3. Joanna – this was a request prioritized by the 23rd Ave Action Committee for the Neighborhood Park and Street Fund in the Central Area. The other two projects were improvements to Judkins Park and Pratt Park.

    • Ian, thank you for the info. Good news is always welcome People always want more. I guess I should ask Metro if we can get our benches back at the Metro west bound stops at 20th and E. Union and 21st and E. Jefferson too.