One thought on “Lost Hound Dog in Squire Park

  1. These lost dog stories and other pico/news ought to be page one. This is about us, our daily lives and concerns. The family dog. Let’s pay more attention to the everyday stuff about our people. Their dogs, their cheating spouses, their successes and failures. One idea would be to post pictures of cats in their environment – roaming the hood or even flattened on Rainier Ave. Daily stuff. If we want an engaged readership and dialog – there needs to be more stuff that people care about. That stuff is things like dogs and cats and swingsets. Most people just don’t care about the political crud us regulars jibe about. Low income housing coming to the hood? – They don’t care. Where’s my dog? – More relevant. Who is the guy that leaves Genessee Beer Cans on every corner? – I want to know. Who is ShitBarf?