Lark celebrates 10 years on 12th Ave, whole hog

Sundstrom at his Election Night 2012 pig roast (Image: Lark)

Sundstrom at his Election Night 2012 pig roast (Image: Lark)

Chef John Sundstrom wants to do something only a little larger than normal to celebrate small-plate Lark’s ten-year anniversary and a decade of survival in Seattle’s restaurant business.

“I’ve roasted a lot of whole pigs. It’s one of my favorite things to do,” Sundstrom said. “It just felt like a way to make a fun and casual party.”

Thursday, Sundstrom is inviting all comers to the 12th Ave restaurant for a pig roast starting at 6 PM and running “until the pig runs out.” The $50 for your plate will go to Northwest Harvest.

Sundstrom says his ten years on the northern edge of the Central District have been good ones with only a few bumps along the way. A decision to sell off his neighboring offshoot Licorous in 2011 to make way for now legendary Canon helped, he says.

“The recession… we’re happy we made it through,” Sundstrom said. “We had some great opportunities.”

With the decade milestone reached, Sundstrom says Lark is now signed for the space for another five to ten years. He’s also making plans for a new investment.

“We’ve got another project in the works,” Sundstrom said. More on that soon.

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12 thoughts on “Lark celebrates 10 years on 12th Ave, whole hog

    • I will be at the celebration enjoying a slice or two of pig, perhaps some cheek. We just don’t see enough real food and people are afraid of it. Man up Johnny!

  1. Looks good to me! We have enjoyed many great meals at Lark and wish them the best for another 10 years.

  2. It’s called food. It is not gore. People need to stop being oversensitized about the basic facts of life. Pigs get eaten.

    Lark produces some incredible dishes. One or two of them are likely to remain in my all time top 10 meals.

    Here’s to the hope that Lark can maintain their creativity for another 10 years.

  3. Not sure why my comment was deleted. I said the photo is disgusting, and it is. It’s certainly not something I want to see when I scroll down the page. And no – I don’t eat pigs.

    • Why not? I can understand if you have a reason, but, there seems to be blanket assumptions that the image of this food is universally disgusting. Not so. Most people eat and enjoy pork on occasion, even daily. Ham sandwiches are a staple in many countries. Ham breakfast sandwiches are sold by the millions daily.

    • I do not understand your issue with the image; it must be pretty serious if you are suggesting the image be removed? Would you kindly explain your reasoning behind your suggestion?

  4. I don’t get your points Jonathan and Judkins. It is food. Very traditional and somewhat common food. What’s the difference between a roast pig and a hamburger or apple.