Samarya Center raising money for new yoga school

Long-time Central District resident Samarya Center looks to raise $50,000 to build a new facility for its yoga classes. The center has been located at 18th and Yesler since 2001, but its building was recently sold. Samarya Center will need to relocate at the end of this year in order to continue providing community yoga classes, including the popular Yoga in the Park summer series.

Wanting to stay in the Central District, Samarya has found a new space for its yoga classes at 17th and Jackson, above Cheeky Cafe. But in order to build out the space, they’ll need to raise $50,000. The nonprofit is using the fundraising platform Indiegogo to raise funds, and as of this writing they’ve nearly cleared $18,000.

According to the Indiegogo site, Samarya will use the money to “support our move, construction/build-out of our new school, and to provide a solid financial foundation from which to grow and have the capacity to serve even more people both in our direct service or community gathering, yoga classes and therapy, as well as to train dedicated students to carry out these teachings within the greater world communities.”

More details on the fundraiser:

If we are able to raise over $50,000, we will also be able to build up our reserves to allow even more flexibility for scholarship and no cost classes and trainings. We will be able to offer Integrated Movement Therapy to even more people in need who may not be able to afford it. We will be able to bring even more people with diverse life experiences on to our Samarya Yoga Teacher Training. And we will be able to invite more members of our local community to participate in our classes at reduced rates.

We will also be able to uplift and support our dedicated volunteers who offer their love and support to folks in our end of life care programs, our programs for homeless youth, and our programs for veterans, among others.

Since the Samarya Center is a 501c3 nonprofit, all contributions to their campaign are tax deductible. To donate, click here.