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Commuunity Change

2011 Cappy’s Boxing Club 501c3 adopted the empty lot across the street. This property, owned by the Good Shepard Lutheran Church, was filled with tall standing weeds hiding underlying junk.  The lot cleanup, sponsored by Scott Meredith, provided Boxers the opportunity to practice Life Skills.  These Skills included  digging, hauling, carrying and developing Community Pride.

Cappy’s Boxing Club 501c3 continued to foster the lot.  The Club established a garbage can, and the lot shifted into an informal Community Dog Park.  Cappy’s Boxing Club mowed it in the summers, emptied the garbage can all seasons and conducted Old School Training Sessions in the space.  The Good Shepard Lutheran Church continued to use its property for overflow parking during special events.

September 2013, with one days notice, Cappy’s Boxing Gym learned that the lot had been transferred to a Nickelsville encampment.  Immediately Community Change  happened.

The lot filled with tent-type structures, a pallet fence, Honey Pots and new residents.  Last week a Cappy’s Boxing Gym Member reported his car, parked at E Pine and 22nd, had his car broken into while working out at Cappy’s.  He returned home and tracked his phone to the Nickelsville encampment.

Cappy’s Boxing Gym owner, Cap Kotz, crossed the street to the Nickelsville encampment to ask questions.  What happened?  How had this Community Change come about.  Seems the answer is the theft seems to have been at the hands of a visitor to the area.  Clearly the visitor visited the Nickelsville encampment, though no one seems to know who this visitor was.

Cappy’s Boxing Club 501c3 continues to uphold its commitment to the lot once empty and weed filled, aka informal dog park aka Nickelsville encampment.  Stay tuned for Nickelsviulle encampment 22nd & E union Resident Stories as hosted by CBC (Cappy’s Boxing Club 501c3)  If you wish to support our efforts, please check out our website and link to Cappy’s Boxing cCub


2 thoughts on “Commuunity Change

  1. Thanks for updating us on this piece of property. We all know it’s there, but it’s far enough from Union that it’s somewhat invisible to those of us who do not travel on 22nd Avenue frequently. I look forward to future CDN stories, whether positive or negative, from your organization.

  2. Wow. Everything I hear about Cappy’s is positive. It is certainly an asset to the community. Thanks.

    Sorry to hear that Nicklesville is full of petty criminals and their petty appologists. People with the fortitude to develop and defend McSchwinnville ought to be able to secure employmend and join legitimate society.

    They should at least turn out the bad actors, otherwise, we simply must be concerned about the presence of a camp that opposes civility.