Seven-year-old boy abandoned at Jackson Street Nickelsville

A seven-year-old boy was found abandoned at the Jackson Street Nickelsville. SPD has the details:

Officers responded to homeless campsite in the 2000 block of S. Jackson St to find an abandoned child wandering the grounds.  On September 23rd at approximately 8:30 p.m., the suspect (child’s mother) left her 7- year- old son at the Nickelsville Homeless Camp.

One of the attendants at the camp called 9-1-1. Officers responded and found the child walking around the campsite.  The child’s clothing was damp from being out in the rain.

The child did not know where his mother was or when she would be back.  Officers transported the child to the East Precinct.  The child said he had not eaten since breakfast so officers took the child to McDonald’s while they waited for CPS to respond to take custody of the child.

15 thoughts on “Seven-year-old boy abandoned at Jackson Street Nickelsville

      • And this is just the beginning! I hope the child is adopted by a great family and not to end up in the revolving door social service system . Mc Donalds? Why not a local resturant instead of “obesity central”. Better yet they should have taken the child to Sharon Lee’s house, (the $175,000 a year social service admin fund eating parasite that brought this human misery to our business district and to the poor homeless), to take care of. Magnason Park has empty officers quarters that can house women and children, has kitches and bathrooms with showers, is owned by the city and is just up the street from Childrens Hospital. But nooo.. that is north of the ship canal and LIHI would get push back and loose the admin. funds it is getting for letting their property to be used!

    • Calm down people. It remains to be seen what the circumstances are. While I certainly would never leave my child at the camp or about anywhere, I think we are all overprotective and over sensitive to the choices made by other parents.

      You will all probably turn out to be correct that she is a horrible mother, but, until clarified I choose to consider the following.

      1) The camp is home to the child.
      2) I believe a 7 year old child throughout ages has been capable of being alone at a home for some period of time less than several hours.
      3) We don’t know for certain that she was on drugs or doing anything unlawfull, perhaps she had a job interview and had no options.
      4) I know I am wrong on the truth of the matter. Just saying, let’s get the facts and offer some variance in standards from our own self surving ideals. God, some days you people make me look like a liberal.

      • Heh, you show far too many signs of compassion and understanding to be a conservative or Republican, Pinebeetle.

        Embrace it :)

    • None of us know what circumstances the mother faced that led her to make this decision, and if it was in fact abandonment. It had to be a painful and traumatic experience, no matter what she was dealing with or what her intention was. She trusted the folks at Nicklesville to take care of her child and do the right thing, which they did. Taking the child to McDonald’s rather than a restaurant was okay too, this is likely where he wanted to go, and helping him feel safe is what was most important. I think you critics out there should stop judging this situation and give it a break. It is a sensitive matter that needs to be treated as such. Think of the child.

      • I agree that McDonald’s was probably not a bad call by the officers, to help the child feel comforted and safe and happier than s/he was before. Like it or not, that is comfort food to a lot of American children.

        That said, my son will be 7 next month and this story is breaking my heart. I am so just relieved that there were people at the camp who called this in and apparently kept the child safe from wandering off.

  1. Maybe the kid wanted to go to MacDonalds?

    And “eye” your propensity for tired cliches is only exceeded by your ignorance of the things you insist on talking about. There’s already low income housing at Magnuson Park, and more planned. You need to get out of the containment zone more.

    • my personal ignorant stalking troll is back with yet another name and with the same inflamatory uninformed lying crap. Is that all you got? Really?

      • Uninformed? Try again, containment zone lady……

        “Solid Ground is building 106 new housing units at Sand Point for formerly homeless people – helping fulfill Seattle’s ongoing vision to reuse the Sand Point Naval Station. Combined with the 94 existing transitional housing units in renovated Navy buildings, there will be a total of 200 housing units at Sand Point by the project’s end.”

      • So, troll, so what? The north end needs there fair share and the homeless encampment of women and children need to be in housing not shacks and tents. Why you push back troll? As I said before, your uninformed crap is just that. Fries? Your really running out of words that rhyme with eyes, troll. I guess your just another piece of bottom feeding ignorance we have to put up with here in the containment zone.

      • You said there was no housing at Magnuson park and suggested they build some. When your “troll” said there is housing there, you called him/her an uniformed liar. So your “troll” showed you that indeed there is housing there and plans build more.

        So, Eyes, THAT’S what!

        In real life (of the internet, that is) do you immediately resort to name calling and accusations whenever a person disagrees with you? Seems like a hard way to go through life. To each their own I guess.

      • @shamwow, if you read the thread you would clerly see that I did not say there was “was no housing at Magnuson park and suggested they build some” as you have written. It is not name calling it is calling out an evident fact that the troll is ignorant and has not responded to the main points of my post but to only try and throw rocks at anything I post regardless of it’s content. Due to the fact that you have dome the same (and perhaps you and the troll are the same person) by stating I wrote something I did not, with out reading what has been actually posted, you join the bottom feeding ignorant troll that we have to put up with here in the containment zone.