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Hamlin Robinson School announces location of new home for 2013

HRS-new-location-2015Thousands of students have passed through the doors at TT Minor.   It is indeed, a special place.   All of us at Hamlin Robinson are honored to call TT Minor home.  This location has proven a good step for HRS, our students, their families and the greater Seattle community.  HRS serves students with dyslexia and related language difficulties.

Thanks to the larger space, we have been able to increase enrollment from 106 in 2009 to a projected 190 in 2013-14.  We have also been able to extend our reach into the community by developing the HRS Learning Center which provides over 200 tutoring sessions each month as well as professional development opportunities for parents, educators and professionals.

However, this was always intended to be a temporary location.   Our five year lease with Seattle Public Schools expires in 2015.

On nearly an acre of land, our new home will be located just behind the Oberto’s retail store on Massachusetts Avenue South.


4 thoughts on “Hamlin Robinson School announces location of new home for 2013

  1. Thanks for this post. It is extremely relevant at the moment. I’m so glad TT Minor has served you well over these last years. Thank you for keeping the energy under its roof alive and well.

  2. .
    Now that areas 42 and 43 are being promoted as part of the Little Amsterdam zone, most, maybe all, people with children will move away. Not many want their kids to grow up where the proud neighborhood theme is drugs and brothels.
    The TT Minor property will probably be sold off for practically nothing to the real estate cartel that is well on its way to repurposing the neighborhood.
    Give credit where credit is due. They planned ahead. They will add to their wealth. Not enough of us saw this coming to put on the brakes. Fact is, many thought the Amsterdam brothel drug bar motif of Neighbor Lady was clever. Looks like it is too late to do anything about it now. A boycott and picketing is still possible.
    Marijuana should not be illegal, the same way that alcohol should not be illegal. That does not mean that making either the centerpiece of a neighborhood is a good thing for kids or adults.
    Anybody who wants TT Minor to be an public elementary school again needs to think about what is happening around here. Invoking the notion of good schools might bring to mind Little Oslo where education is a priority.
    Both Little Amsterdam and Little Oslo are eurocentric but at least Little Oslo is school oriented.

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