Final push for subscribers

Just a quick post to remind everyone our subscriber drive expires at the end of the month — which is quickly approaching.

Subscribe to Central District News Today — $5/$10/$20 per month to support CD community news

We’re so close to reaching our goal of 100 subscribers by September 30, and we hope we can count on your support.

Your contribution will allow us to dedicate more time to the site, providing more thorough coverage of neighborhood happenings. Though we won’t restrict access to the site, the added income will help us grow. Our goal is to gather 100 subscribers (at levels of $5, $10, or $20 each month) by the end of September. We’ll keep CDN going even if we don’t make the goal — but our plans to continue the coverage you’ve come to depend on and grow it will have to be adjusted.
(Any information we collect when you subscribe will be kept confidential and used only to contact subscribers to thank them and keep them aware of any news related to the subscriber program.)

Step 1:

Fill out this form so we have record of your subscription.

Step 2:

Choose a subscription level that fits your budget and complete payment via Paypal.

CDN Subscription Drive

5 thoughts on “Final push for subscribers

  1. I wish again that you would offer a possibility for a one time donation. I have tired of those who want to auto deduct from my accounts.

    • I’m with you Joana. I had gym memberships, wine club, United Way, NPR/KCTS, Red Cross and more. I was poor every month. Chopped all of it and got my cell phone down to $50. Now, if I want to donate I do. I definately donate less, but, I feel good about it. Thing is, when I was giving and buying – it was never enough. Mooch mooch mooch. I cut them all off. And Starbucks too.

    • I agree. There have been many suggestions for this, with no response. It is sometimes difficult to stop automatic deductions when one no longer can or wants to continue them, and I am one of those who needs and wants to keep control of my funds.

      • I’m sure the # of people who would make at least a modest one-time contribution outnumbers those who would subscribe by about 30 :1 or more. I’m sure in total you’re forgoing more contributions than you’re getting by only allowing for recurring subscriptions.

        Anyone with PayPay can pay anyone else with PayPal just by knowing the proper email address. Why not just post the email address you would like funds sent to? I’ll bet you’d get a nice jolt of contributions. No, it’s not recurring, but half a loaf is better than none.

  2. Thanks for the idea. We deliberated the one time donation possibility and decided to stick to recurring donations. That system makes it easier for us to collect, track and manage incoming contributions. But, if you all want to send a check or make a one-time PayPal donation, I can set that up. Email [email protected] and we can work that out. Thanks!