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Current Needs at Nickelsville on Jackson

IMAG0453I stopped by the new Nickelsville camp on Jackson today, and they had postings about their current needs.  Details in the photos below.  Quite a few kids living there.  Let’s help them out, neighbors!IMAG0454IMAG0455

6 thoughts on “Current Needs at Nickelsville on Jackson

  1. SHARON LEE FROM LIHI which is almost ALL tax Money salary is $175,000.00 Seattle Housing $200,000.00 and Catholic Community Services $168,000.00 where is the levy we pay 145 Million for 6 years? where is the 24 Million that Federal Govt paid KC charities..

    Hunny Buckets come with all the toilet paper they need..

    they get WIC SSI and Food stamps and phones, most get bus passes, orca cards from case workers and other charities

    Vulnerable people are being used by a money laundering organization
    which rules that are not in their interest to get rehoused… Liberal Seattle
    is too liberal to step up and find viable solutions keeps doing what has not been working.. Shelters are temporary to help get caseworkers to work WITH the homeless to do the work to get rehoused… SHARE tent cities is raising Peter Pan lefties that want FREE housing for people whom chose not to work USA is not communist, socialist, Volunteers are enabling Big Amounts of Drug use under this program… Hopelink, UGM, YMCA have proven programs for rehousing.

    • Who knew there was money to be made housing the homeless? I suppose it takes a particularly sociopathic entrepreneur to dream up something like this, but there it is.

      Sad thing is, I now feel that the best course of action is to giving NOTHING. EVER. Too bad, huh?

  2. Don’t be ridiculous. I mean, if you want to be typical internet trolls, you’re doing fine, and maybe that’s what this is about. But if you want to contribute meaningfully to the discourse of housing the homeless and providing necessary human services, at least articulate something that resembles a reasonable thought.

    At the very least, you could recognize the humanity of those at the camps, and the needs of children and adults in the moment. Short of that, you just sound vitriolic and malicious.

      • Yes – he/she is or might as well be that person. Give directly of you time and limited resources only where it has a direct efffect. Handing out money to organizations and bums (same thing) just perpetuates the problems. If you don’t take the time to be personally involved in change or ‘help’. Then don’t bother. You don’t care enough to make a difference.

      • I would say that giving some diapers, wipes, and shoes to kids who are living in tent city would have a direct effect. .
        Did you see “money” on their wish list? I didn’t. I think anyone who takes a pack of diapers over to tent city for babies that are living there would be personally involved in change and help. I know I’m talking to a self-admitted troll, but still.