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A Legend In His Own Time

Davon “Devo” Evans was born and raised in the Central District. His father was a primary force behind CAMP (Central Area Motivational Program) from its inception in the 6o’s, and Devo not only has many tales of that era to tell, he is considered a legend on account of his acquaintance with the African American community and his knowledge of the Central District’s rich and varied history.

Devo knows Devil’s Ditch, a long ago dirt hill connecting Spring Street to Lake Washington Blvd where youth took the challenge on bicycles.  The convenient store once owned by Bruce Lee’s father is now a house on the corner of 29th Ave E and E John St. Fire Engine Park on 18th Ave and Columbia used to be the Black Panthers’ Headquarters in Seattle. Odessa Brown’s old house is at 1601 Alder.  Ezell’s used to be Bulldog’s Burgers. Grocery Outlet used to be Roger’s Thriftway. Vu Auto Repair on S. Jackson used to be a fruit stand. Seven Star Women’s Kung Fu used to be a corner store. The new brick building apartments near Pratt Park used to be a Wonderbread Factory. Cappy’s Boxing Gym was, in earlier times, an automotive repair shop.  Devo remembers it all.

Now Devo works for Cappy’s Boxing Gym as the Gym Maintenance Man. He inspects all gym equipment on a regular basis and follows a strict schedule of cleaning and sanitizing all gym surfaces – but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. There is an endless list to what Devo does to provide the safest and cleanest gym environment for all Cappy’s clients.

Devo incorporates the concepts of  Living A Boxer’s Lifestyle into his job. With every maintenance task there is a different workout. When he is moving and lifting the mats, Devo focuses on his hamstrings and practices his deadlifts. His shoulders get a good workout when he has to reach up high. When mowing the grass, he pushes through his legs and engages his quads. Working at the gym gives Devo the opportunity of meeting people from diverse backgrounds. The phrase “Don’t judge a book by its cover” resonated with him time and time again. No matter how a person appears, everyone who enters Cappy’s Boxing Gym proves they are strong and determined.  Devo continues to be a legend in his own time, amassing stories of the CD.

One thought on “A Legend In His Own Time

  1. Bruce Lee’s father never owned a store in Seattle. It seems Devo is creating legends also, Bruce Lee’s father died in Hong Kong in 1965. He was an actor and Cantonese opera star. I remember the store had Chinese owners, but no relation to Bruce Lee.

    “The convenient store once owned by Bruce Lee’s father is now a house on the corner of 29th Ave E and E John St. “