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It’s been a busy couple of weeks in the news, and our subscription drive has taken a back seat to reporting these breaking events.

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9 thoughts on “We still need your support!

  1. Sorry you had to inherit this but for MOST actual ppl who live here the whole proposition was ignorable.

    Study the Rainier Valley Post, more importantly TALK to the folks there and at West Seattle Blog.

    I warned Scott that anarchy begets anarchy and that I would not bother to have anything to do with it. But, I actually DO stuff and communicate with Yahoo Groups and Next Door so this blog is irrelevant.

    I will look in a month from now — THAT is how DAMAGING versus how relevant CDNEWS is.

    • Frankly the FACT of the eixistence of Cd News has been a distraction where I have to go to defend friends of mine that gawd knows who has ‘decided’ to flame. It was setup on a basis with NO accountability to the community and that continues. Thus, the ONLY reason a LOT of people go here is due to being called out by ppl who are new comers hating on us. It is pretty much Kakfa time, but Kakfa is pretty much the reality for all of us,.

      A DECENTLY run blog on DECENT technology, fine. Not this blog, this blog has only had hits bc a lot of us see some death, but THIS while expanding the circle has also enabled a TON of racists.

      I dare you assholes to identify me to say what my race is, to answer how long you have lived in Washington State.

      I will be in the hood actually connecting with my neighbors and if you know me I am trying to get some action on that block between 22nd-23rd, Spring and Union bc THAT — with all the drama misdirection — IS either gonna be a big 6 story grocery store. OR we can say if we want neighborhood sized stuff. But, better write to council because this is NOT being addressed in Neighborhood planning.

      • Nobody is getting flamed here. We just want to know who the criminals are. This is a great place to get information on crime trends in the CD and discover the entrenched pro crime attitudes of long time residents.

        CDN will find some folks willing to hand out money. People here do that for no reason at all. Better to give it to CDN than the bums.

      • Here is what I replied via email to your other message sent to CD News:
        You’ve been a longterm critic of the site and seem to want the best for the area you call home. I know about the reality of creating and operating community news sites. You should reach out to Tracy at WSB and learn more, yourself. You have the opportunity to better understand something that is clearly important to you, Maybe you can create something more useful.

        Justin CHS & CDN

        And here is what I will add. This is not anarchy. I believe highly in having as an open a forum as possible to talk about the news, stories, information and ideas across the widest spectrum we can achieve as the people who run the site and the people who contribute to it. We moderate this site in as respectful and active a manner possible. We try to foster useful discussion. I’m not satisfied by doing well in comparison to most big media news sites but one look around the comments sections will reveal the cold, hard reality of the difficulty in making this kind of dialogue work. Comparisons to the other sites you mention should be subject to deeper scrutiny. It’s always easier to say something should be better/different/more like something else when the comparison is something that doesn’t exist. Regular visits to westseattleblog.com, for example, will reveal a community with as many challenges in civil, productive discourse as the CD. I bring up our cohorts not to ding them but to call you on the comparison. It’s not realistic.

        CDN is a good start but the neighborhoods in this area will grow and thrive with or without it. I believe the site is useful or I would — as you suggest in your messages to us — shut it down.

      • Ranting in the middle of the night? Get some sleep, step back from the rhetoric and perhaps you can write a clearer comment. I cannot figure out what your issue is in paragraphs 3 and 4 of your first post and in any of the paragraphs in your second post..

  2. I go to CDNews on a regular basis and find value in a good chunk of the content. I believe it is something that should continue and it would be great if it could expand. I have signed up for the monthly contribution to do my part. Hoping others join…

  3. I think the option of a one time contribution would be fine. I have totally tired of all those who want to automatically deduct money from my checking account or credit card. I know that there CHS and CDN have a relationship and now share ads. Justin also noted both in his note. Is the problem that CDN does not get enough hits? I assume CHS does not need subscribers.

    • Perfect. I am sure you can send them a one time contribution in the mail. JSeattle would probably be happy to send you the mailing address.