Mesob to make way for 14th/Jeff rowhouse development

Fans of tiny E Jefferson Ethiopian restaurant Mesob hopefully won’t have to travel far to visit as the restaurants makes way for a new rowhouse development.

The 14th and Jefferson parcel was purchased by developers Chris Gurdjian, Erik Cullen and Quinn Borseno in late 2012 for $630,000 — a tidy 37% more than the previous owner paid in 2005.

According to city records, a three-unit rowhouse project is planned for the parcel once it is subdivided.

We’ve been told Mesob is planning a move to near 12th and Main. A permit for the demolition of the 14th/Jeff building are currently listed as “reviews completed” — but not yet “approved.”

2 thoughts on “Mesob to make way for 14th/Jeff rowhouse development

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  2. Thank goodness. This place was also terrible. Simply bad food and infested with vermen.