Firefighters doused small fire under Madrona library just before elementary arson

About thirty minutes before firefighters rushed to the scene of the Madrona Elementary arson fire on Sunday morning, they doused a small fire under the Madrona library.

According to the Seattle Fire Department, the fire was small and the damage was minimal, but it’s under investigation due to its proximity to the Madrona Elementary fire:

On August 17, 2013 at 11:52 p.m. we were called to 1134 33rd avenue for reports of a fire underneath the Madrona library. Firefighters arrived and found beauty bark that was burned along with other combustibles. The damage estimate is $10.00

Fire investigators are looking to see if this fire is related to the Madrona School fire due to the proximity of the fires and the time of their ignition.

Seattle Fire says there is currently no evidence to link these fires to the string of other arsons in the area, including the recent Med Mix fire.

Seattle Fire has passed along these flyers to educate homeowners and business owners on reporting and preventing arsons:

arson alert cavasing flyer homeowners-page-001

arson alert cavasing flyer for commercial-page-001

5 thoughts on “Firefighters doused small fire under Madrona library just before elementary arson

    • They just can’t speculate… yeah while it may seem pretty clear that there’s probably one person behind all of the fires and it makes logical sense, but there’s no real evidence that could prove it…

  1. So this guy has graduated from cars and restaurants to schools and libraries? Man, he’s twisted. Let’s catch him, and lock him up. Immediately.

    • It does seem likely that an occupied structure is inevitable is won is to maximize the disired attention.

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