Young Urban Authors begin Seattle Book Tour

Members of the Young Urban Authors Association (YUAA) will begin their Seattle Book Tour on Sunday, July 14. Each of the members currently live in the CentrLogo JPEGal District.

The event will take place at the Central Seattle Public Library and is the second year the reading has been held. Teens in the program will read sections from their books and YUAA will give away a book signed by the author.

“This program cultivates teens through the book publishing process from concept to a published author. Our teen writers have published autobiographies, realistic fiction novellas and poetry anthologies,” says Frankie Roe, YUAA founder. To date, YUAA authors have published 16 books, which are available for sale on and on a limited basis at local libraries.

The event includes light refreshments and is free to the public. The next stop on the tour is the Umoja African Heritage Festival. Authors will sign books and give readings August 2 – 4.

Current YUAA members. Photo courtesy of Frankie Roe.

Current YUAA members. Photo courtesy of Frankie Roe.

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