Man shot in robbery at 26th and Thomas

  • Man shot in robbery at 26th and Thomas — Police were called to the 2600 block of E Thomas late Friday night to a report of shots fired and a man yelling in a nearby alley. SPD arrived to find an empty alley but eventually tracked down a victim with a gunshot wound to his side blocks away at MLK and Thomas. Police and gang units responded to the area for a robbery investigation and were searching for a vehicle seen speeding away from the scene. They eventually located an olive green Ford Explorer matching that vehicle’s description at Dick’s on Broadway not long after the shooting. One person was detained but we don’t yet know if that person was booked for the robbery and shooting.
  • Armed robbery at Pike/16th: Three people reported being robbed at gunpoint early Saturday morning while walking near E Pike and 16th. SPD responded to the call just before 2 AM where a male and two female victims told police that a male armed with a gun and an accomplice held them up before fleeing in an older gray sedan with a mismatched hood. The suspect with the gun was described as a black male in his teens wearing a dark gray hoodie and dark pants. The immediate search for the suspect vehicle was not successful.

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  1. Well imagine that. I wonder what was in their pockets and perhaps if they were headed for the convenience of store for som candy. Skittles anyone?

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      the majority, including everyone I know, grieve because some young people fall into circumstances where they do destructive and self destructive things such as rob others
      somehow, you melissa and whatever other names you use, see this as an occasion to spew venom
      you are not typical of this neighborhood
      your train of thought is an unwelcome and dangerous aberration here

      • Ah yes. I forget there is only one perspective, they that believe criminal behavior is unavoidable for cd youth. Never mind the women being robbed and raped. They too must feel for those poor boys.

        Don’t call my stuff venomous while you breath out acid vapor. Tsk tsk “98122” if that is your name. Oh. I missed the point – you are the homogenous voice of the cd citizen. Wow.

    • I’m confused Melissa, are you talking about the thugs that robbed three innocents on 16th in the second story here? Making light of a very serious crime with a tasteless platform about ‘skittles’….so 2013 internet troll. I am quite sure that is what they had in their pockets as they robbed these people and used their money to go buy more…right?

  2. If the story plays out as the police report details it, you have to wonder: Why would anyone who just committed a violent crime where there was certain to be a police response decide to go to one of the most prominent and policed spots on Broadway afterwards?

    Thank God criminals are so dumb.

  3. Its not about having a homogenized voice. Its your, I refuse to even call it thinly-veiled, racism that really sucks.

  4. Suggesting that peopled be held acountable for crimes is not racism in any way. Making up excuses and distorting the facts perpetuates behavior that maintains the divide.

    • Except you don’t do that, Melissa. You’re a one trick pony with a tired, unoriginal Skittles line. Which seems to show that In your mind, every black kid is guilty until proven innocent.

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    People are really being patient with melissa. Very gracious of everyone, in my opinion.
    Personally I am sickened by her or his garbage. And then she or he has the nerve to try to say she or he is just
    suggesting that peopled be held acountable for crimes
    I find it hard to believe that anyone could be that oblivious.
    If I were the editor, many of melissa’s posts would be deleted to protect the integrity of this blog.

  6. Melissa, though she could have left the skittles line out, has nailed it. You, “98122” are the reason ths CD is a containment zone for criminals and anything else the rest of the city does not want to live with. And thank you to the new editor for allowing free expression, where ever it may go.

    • The skittles reference is obviously a reference to Martin and the fact that Martin was not armed. Unfortunately this is somehow construed that he was essentially a child and could not have been up to anything else and could not have been dangerous. Noon of us know what really happened and we never will. I supsect two fools met and neither backed of or ran as they should have.

      In the broader context the illustration seems connect that we often over compensate for descrimination by defending youth as if they had no choice and we go to excessive lengths to use anectdotal evidence of innocence.

      The “system” as a method of helping youth avoid a life of crime is certainly questionable, but, at the same time, what choice do we have but to intervene and show kids that crime is dangerous and counterproductive to thier interests. These things are all dosconnected, yet at the same time we can see that on another night, in different light, they might have been the same. It is worthy of discussion regardless of the pain. No pain, no gain. Silence is the real killer.

    • Agreed, the skittles fell flat. The criminals need to be removed and not accepted and explained away as not their fault that they did the crimes, , it’s their “circumstances”.

    • 98122 grieves? Try getting angry. Try leaning in and being helpful. Try reporting them for their poor choices. Grieving for the poor choices of these kids isn’t going to do anything for them or the victims. Tough love up to and including ‘removal from the island’ might. I made some bad choices as a teen that landed me in the clink for a month and was shocked that one of my dear friends had prayed that I’d find such an end. I couldn’t believe someone that cared about me would wish that on me. 25 years later, I am so grateful for that experience and the impact it had on my life. Don’t grieve… turn them in and let them know why you did it if you care about them.

      • Some people have the capacity to learn from their mistakes, other never will.

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        in my opinion, love, so called tough or otherwise, has nothing to do with it
        everybody who is paying attention knows that in this society economic inequality is built in and is getting worse not better
        this is, in my opinion, the root cause of some young people ending up in circumstances where they feel they do not have healthy options
        and, yes, this is something to grieve about
        we as a society are diminished when a portion of young people are not contributing to their own well being and to the general well being
        until and unless the big picture society makes social justice a reality, some people. both young and not so young, will do things that are rightfully illegal such as rob each other
        when there are enough living wage jobs for everyone and a safety net for those who can not work because of disability, then and only then will no young people be in such desperate situations that they resort to destructive and self destructive behavior.
        you can advocate so called tough love all you want, it will not help
        fully funded public schools and full employment is part of the route to ending the economic inequality that results in some young people robbing others

      • It is up to the individual to struggle for their position in society. Take a biology class. Life is a struggle. It is no different for humanity. Yes there is inequity, prejudice and at times down right evil. And bad luck, etc. etc. The “system” is that you die. The only question is how long you can survive and if, to you, it was worth the effort.

        We can’t just give everybody cable internet access, a diploma, and a job for life. They won’t take it. We have to impart the desire to rise. We have to allow failure. The biggest problem today, that will accelerate inequity is the viral notion that people are owed something. This leads to waiting to be given something before you act. And, if not addressed in time, nothing you give will make a difference, the person is habituated to expecting and not acting. They are essentially slime on the bottom of the pond.

        Do not expect society to correct inequity. You have to do it yourself. And, equity is BS anyway. It can never exist. Do what you can and be happy with the challenges and the path. Rich and poor alike are found to be happy or sad and this is mostly dependent on your expectation of others vs yourself.

        The way up requires that you reach and climb. I could give you a bag of gold or a box of rocks and it wouldn’t make a difference.

      • Well now I understand what 98122 is saying. We have warped back to the early 1900s and are giving communism another go. Vladimir lives. Let’s go steal the statue from those Freemont bourgeoisie.

    • Eyes…my eyes really roll…get off the containment zone rant…and get a new slogan.

  7. The Schools are fully funded. It has already been proven on these pages that SPS spends about $22,000 per student per year. Average class size is 30. So, each classroom in Seattle theoretically has about $660,000 per year. Of course, we know that that money never gets to class room. Joanna will pipe in and tell us about legacy costs, etc. Let’s do away with “legacy costs and legacy personnel.” Let’s shut down SPS and find a way to deliver $15,000 annually towards the education of every Seattle person who has not yet had their alotted education.

  8. .
    labels, labels, labels
    any economic system by any name or label that does not result in even coming close to meeting the basic material needs of its children and old people is just plain not working
    there is not a lack of willingness to work, there is a lack of living wage jobs
    we can do better

    • Crap, crap, crap.
      ohh, No thought on starting your own business just demanding entitlement like your sad spouting of crap you read and never understood but sounds good. As I said before your views are the reason the CD is a containament zone for criminals, why crime here is multi-generational and contains anything else the rest of the city does not want to live with. The black middleclass moved out along time ago as to not be mistaked for people like you, who drove them away. And as long as you and others lie you have this demented view of entitlement to break laws and live a lawless existance and the city continues to segregates as a containment zone nothing will change. Time for a change and the courts can do it

      • (Me up at does)
        e.e. cummings

        Me up at does

        out of the floor
        quietly Stare

        a poisoned mouse

        still who alive

        is asking What
        have i done that

        You wouldn’t have

        Your crass understanding of the way things are makes me sad for you. I hope that one day we can evolve as a society and understand our views of free will are outdated and a detriment to our well being as both individuals and as Americans.

    • Speaking of Labels 98122 clearly you lack any introspect.

      Also in case you had not noticed, 92% of people who want jobs have jobs. and of the remaining 8% most will have jobs in about 6 months. Unemployment for the employed class is cyclical. Even in the great depression unemployment was 25%.

      Jobs are plentiful if you are willing to take the job. Old people are doing quite well also. And WalMart is willing to hire oldsters. I plan to work their when I hit 68.

      There is a process to getting work. It can be long and you have to adapt to what is available to you. Then you take advantage to develop you skills and reputation and move on to the next better thing. It takes time. Years to develop yourself to have economic value. Nobody can give you that. You have to build yourself up.

      You are not entitled to anything at all except death. Certainly not taxes anymore as 48% percent of you fail to pay any Federal taxes. Shameful. Not really an American.

  9. Don’t mind eyes – she’s just paranoid. Been singing the containment zone blues for too many years.

  10. clearly 98122 lacks any introspect.

    Also in case you had not noticed, 92% of people who want jobs have jobs. and of the remaining 8% most will have jobs in about 6 months. Unemployment for the employed class is cyclical. Even in the great depression unemployment was 25%.

    Jobs are plentiful if you are willing to take the job. Old people are doing quite well also. And WalMart is willing to hire oldsters. I plan to work their when I hit 68.

    There is a process to getting work. It can be long and you have to adapt to what is available to you. Then you take advantage to develop you skills and reputation and move on to the next better thing. It takes time. Years to develop yourself to have economic value. Nobody can give you that. You have to build yourself up.

    You are not entitled to anything at all except death. Certainly not taxes anymore as 48% percent of you fail to pay any Federal taxes. Shameful. Not really an American.

    • @ Omberg, you are right but years of enforcing this policy of a containment zone breeds this entitlement lifestyle. When the area begans to improve city policy is to keep the lid this improvement just enough as to not attract too much attention. The Cd had the largest black home ownership of any US city in the 1940’s and 50’s. White Seattle did not like this back then and enforcement of laws and the shttling of crime to the area destroyed booming local business districts. Add urban renewal demolishing and not rebuilding several of these districts, planning blight from the RH Thompson Freeway and capping it off with not eliminating the LA gangs in the 1990’s and the city sucessfully eliminated most of the black middle class. This allowed the containment of criminals and low income housing blight that the rest of Seattle neighborhoods do not want. What is screwing this policy up is the influx of non-black middle class improving the area. By just allowing enough crime to be contained here with lack of services the rest of1 Settle gets, there is a hope they can do what they did to the black middle class and drive out those who are improving the neighborhood. Yep, look at history, welcome to the contianment zone, time to end it

      • Maybe so eyes, but, the real problem is weak minded folk like 122 that prepare excuses in advance of thier certain failure. Hopeless trolls looking fir a hand out.


    TO PLEASE EVERYONE THIS QUOTE FROM MAN’S RISE TO CIVILIZATION PAGE 6 “There is great difficulty in finding a fitting word t describe the various peoples, mostly from Europe but also from parts of Asia, who came to the New World, made contact with the native inhabitant, and ultimately destroyed their cultures. Some writers describe the explorers and settlers as “Europeans,” but such a word would include such peoples as the Swiss who obviously were not a European colonial power; the use of “Europeans” also ignores the important influence of Asiatic Russians who made early contacts with Eskimo bands and Indians from Alaska southward to California. Other writers have used the word “white” (spelled with a lower case “w”), but that is unsatisfactory also. In this book I am not pointing an accusing finger at all members of a particular race; that would be quite unfair to Caucasoid population of Ceylon,for example, who of course played to part in the conquest of North America. So, with much reluctance (and with an avowal that no racism is intended), I have settled upon “White” I hope the fact that I have spelled it with a capital letter imparts to the reader that I am really not talking about any particular Caucasoids but about an abstraction–a composite of social,political and economic attitudes by certain people, whose skin is usually whiter than most of the world’s population and who behave in a certain way toward primitive peoples wherever they were encountered around the globe. The White is a colonizer who early developed an advanced technology; he is an exploiter of human and natural resources; he has destroyed, often intentionally, almost every alien culture he has come in contact with; and he has imposed an iron rule on the remnant peoples of these cultures.” WAS JUST READING THIS TODAY IN BOOK MAN’S RISE TO CIVILIZATION BY MR. PETER FARB. “Mr. Farb for the past several years has been serving as consultant to the Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C. and is Curator of American Indian Cultures at the Riverside Museum in New York City.”


  12. .
    thank you jamesintheCD for sending the poem
    the question posed by
    still who alive
    exposes, as you said, the crass understanding of the way things are that some people desperately cling to

  13. You know, Omari used to be my top nominee for “most annoying writer” on CD news. He’s got a lot of smart things to say, believe it or not, but they’re buried deep beneath the many layers of crazy ramble. And the caps. Can’t forget the all-caps. Still, you can see a mind working there, with a consistent position and philosophy.

    But 98122 has moved into the number 1 position. Sure, he or she has some contributions to make: I like the social justice focus. But the whole periods-as-line-breaks-between-sentences thing, the no capital letters (c’mon, can’t you share with Omari?), the two-periods-at-the-end thing–this is killing me.

    It’s like the writing of a high school kid who discovered a way to be special with punctuation, almost all precious affectation, though with a few genuine ideas thrown in for flavor. I did it in 11th grade. Maybe you did, too.

    Who’s going to step up to the plate and take down 98122 for the title? There’s room for someone to try something different here: some Marx? Hegel? Freire? Rehash liberation theology with a CD twist? Let’s go, people.

  14. During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, much of the world was under the control of the United States and Europe. From islands in the Pacific to the jungles of Africa, the white man created colonies for his economic benefit. In nearly every case, spreading western civilization was given as justification for these conquests. This would later become known as the elusive “White Man’s Burden.” This term originated in a popular poem written by Joseph Kipling in 1899 (a copy of the poem is found in Appendix A). For this paper I refer to “White Man’s Burden” as the perceived duty of Americans and Europeans to spread their culture onto the other people of the Earth. In this chapter I argue that this concept originated from the racially prejudiced thought of the Victorian era, and that “White Man’s Burden” was abused by westerners for their own profit. The chapter concludes with a brief discussion of what the practice of cannibalism symbolized to the United States in the 19th century.
    In 1859, world renowned scientist Charles Darwin published his revolutionary work The Origin of Species. Darwin’s concept of evolution is complicated, and the public’s understanding of his theory is somewhat different than what it actually is. However, I present the popular understanding of evolution for reasons that become evident in my argument. After Darwin proposed his theory, the common understanding of Darwin’s theory was that creatures evolved due to their habitat, where the dominant species changed and the inferior remained the same and became extinct.1 Shortly after Darwin published his work, evolution was applied to the different human races. In Victorian society, it was thought that because there were multiple human races there must be an inferior and a superior race. Many Europeans wrote on the subject, and concluded that the white man was superior to the Asian and African man.
    Count de Gobineau, a French aristocrat, expressed his thoughts about the superiority question in The Inequality of Human Races. He deduced that “The Negroid variety is the lowest… . The animal character, that appears in the shape of the pelvis, is stamped on the negro from birth, and foreshadows his destiny.” On the contrary, there is the white race, whose people “are gifted with reflective energy, or rather with energetic intelligence.” Gobineau also wrote that the white man continually looked for ways to overcome his obstacles, whereas the other two races accepted things the way they were. Due to the white man’s perseverance and ingenuity, Gobineau concludes that “all civilizations derive from the white race, [and] that none can exist without its help.”2 Here the French aristocrat seems to imply that the white man had attained an evolved society, whereas the other races of the world had not.
    Following the opinion of Gobineau, more and more westerners began to think that they were superior because they had “acquired civilization.” According to the common perception of Darwin’s theory of evolution, the more advanced species struggled to survive, and then changed, or evolved, to better adapt to their environment. The simple species remained the same, unchanged. Then, in comparison to tribal Africans, Europeans and Americans had evolved from their original “savage state,” and continued to change by means of invention and improved scientific logic, whereas Africans and Asians held onto out dated customs.3 (It is worth nothing that Darwin only used his theory to explain the adaptations of species. Aristocrats like Gobineau eventually applied evolution to the human races, not the infamous biologist). Though it may not have been Darwin’s original intent, the theory of evolution provided westerners with “scientific proof” that they were superior to the other cultures of the world.
    These conclusions gave way to the ignorant ethnocentrism of the Victorian era. Westerners began to think that, because they had acquired civilization, their culture was superior to eastern culture (and everything in between). Christianity, capitalism, liberty, and small competitive states were superior to believing in spirits, Buddhism, and large empires controlled by one man. Furthermore, there was nothing of value in the lower race’s culture. As F.D. Lugard, a British soldier, wrote in 1893 “It is the greatest possible mistake to suppose that a European can acquire a greater influence by adopting the mode of the life of the natives. In effect, it is to lower himself to their plane, instead of elevating them to his.”4
    Finally, Europeans and Americans also felt that they were also morally superior to the other races of the Earth. Western Christian ethics urged them to spread their gifts and thoughts to the rest of the world. This idea became praised as the “White Man’s Burden,” which, in Kipling’s poem (Appendix A), described American missionary efforts in the Philippines during the late 1800s. The “moral obligation” behind “White Man’s Burden” was abused by Europeans and Americans during the 19th and 20th centuries. Imperial governments used the concept as justification for their conquests and using the “inferior races” to their benefit.
    This justification was put to words by Theodore Waitz. In 1863, he wrote in his text Introduction to Anthropology:
    If there be various species of mankind, there must be a natural aristocracy among them, a dominant white species as opposed to the lower races who by their origin are destined to serve the nobility of mankind, and may be tamed, trained, and used like domestic animals … Wherever the lower races prove useless for the service of the white man, they must be abandoned to their savage state, it being their fate and natural destination. All wars of extermination, whenever the lower species are in the way of the white man, are fully justifiable.5

    This quote provides the reader with an eerie foreshadowing of the unjustifiable act of genocide, but Waitz merely combined the belief that the white man is the superior race with the idea that the dominant species has a right to use the inferior for benefit. As he points out, since a man is superior to cattle and he can use it to his benefit until he kills it, what is different to say that because a western man is superior to an African man a European can use an African and then exterminate him when he is no longer useful?
    Another example of a European who made this connection was Jules Ferry, the prime minister of France. In 1884, he made a speech to parliament regarding Imperial policies (the author refers the reader to Appendix B for this paragraph). Ferry began by discussing the need for France to find more export markets. He later stated “the higher races have a right over the lower races.” Immediately afterwards, the prime minister said they have this right because they have “the duty to civilize the inferior races.”6 Because Ferry discusses the need for export markets and then states that the higher races have a right over the lower ones, the French prime minister inadvertently claims that westerners have the right to use Africa and Asia as colonies for exports. Furthermore, Ferry seems to connect this concept with spreading civilization. In other words, because Europeans were aiding the lower races by bringing them western culture, the white man had the right to use the inferior race for his economic benefit.
    The British Government made the same conclusion in 1886. In that year, a charter for the National African Company established a trade operation in Africa. The charter specified that the Niger region was given to the company because the “Kings, Chiefs, and peoples of the various territories in the basin of the River Niger” agreed being under British direction would be beneficial to them as Africans. The charter also gave the company the power to “acquire and take by purchase, cession, or other lawful means, other rights, interests, …, or property in the region aforesaid, and to hold, use, enjoy, and exercise the same for the purposes of the company” because they were benefitting the natives.7 The charter explicitly uses spreading civilization as a justification for taking over the area, and then says that they have the power to “acquire other rights” in exchange for bringing improvement to the region.
    In summary, “White Man’s Burden” came to be a rallying cry for imperialism. Defined as spreading the civilization of western culture to the rest of the world, the powers of Europe used “White Man’s Burden” as a justification for their conquests. This concept evolved from the ethnocentrism of the Victorian era. Thanks to Darwin’s theory of evolution, the white race had “scientific proof” behind their claims of being the dominant species. These racially prejudiced ideas were then abused by politicians and businessmen to justify using the lower races for their financial ambitions.
    These abuses would later become responsible for the death of an estimated 10 million Africans in the Congo region, but before I move onto the foundation of the Congo Free State, I would like to discuss how cannibalism falls into this picture. Specifically, I am focusing on what the practice of cannibalism symbolized to the American public and how it related to “White Man’s Burden.” I use the following points in one of my arguments in chapter three. Most Americans of the 19th century felt they were advanced in comparison to the cultures of Africa. This was especially true with slavery having a strong presence in the southern states. After the end of the Civil War, Americans searched for proof of their superiority over their former slaves.
    To the aid of racist southerners came P.T. Barnum, an American showman. He hosted a traveling exhibition of people from exotic locations across the globe. His show took place from 1871-1873, and one of the highlights in his show were the Fiji Cannibals. According to Jeff Berglund’s Cannibal Fictions: American Exploration of Colonialism, Race, Gender and Sexuality, Americans were attracted to the cannibals in the show because it allowed them to come to grips with their civilized heritage.8 That is to say, viewing the “savage” appearance and customs of cannibals allowed Americans to distinguish themselves and their “superior culture” from the inferior. Being “morally superior,” Americans viewed cannibalism as an unspeakable taboo. In fact, the practice of cannibalism was the definition of barbarity and savagery for many Americans.9 Finally, Berglund states that American’s linked the barbarous practice of cannibalism to the location it took place. That is, if a location of the world had people who practiced cannibalism, the entire location was labeled as savage. So, if part of the world was reported to be filled with cannibals, Americans would immediately symbolize that location as being void of civilization.10
    After the civil war, Americans desperately searched for ways to assert dominance over their recently freed slaves. P.T. Barnum’s American Exhibition of Fiji Cannibals helped assert this dominance, as citizens of the United States viewed cannibalism as a synonym for barbarity and savagery. Furthermore, Americans tied the savagery of cannibalism to the location that it took place. In context of “White Man’s Burden,” any place that was reported to practice cannibalism was also a keen target for sending missionaries and bringing civilization. Though these points seem somewhat unrelated at the moment, they will be used later to help explain the United States’ recognition of Leopold II as sovereign of the Congo Free State.

    Chapter Two: Foundation of the Congo Free State

    Figure 1: King Leopold II of Belgium

    The Congo Free State, or the Belgian Congo, was approximately eleven million square miles and was located in the heart of Africa. As its name suggests, this region became a Belgian colony, but it did not happen overnight. It took King Leopold II of Belgium nearly twenty years to bring this area under his possession. In large part, it is thanks to Leopold’s keen political insights that he is successful. However, there were other reasons. This chapter provides a brief overview as to how Leopold II gained sovereignty over the Congo region, and identifies the key reasons that made it possible. These factors were the support of Henry Shelton Sanford and Henry Morton Stanley, the United States’ recognition of the International African Association, and the complicated political negotiations before the Berlin Conference of 1885.
    Belgium had only become independent in 1830. During most of the mid 19th century, the small country focused on being a neutral entity in the center of Europe. As its three powerful neighbors, Germany, France and Great Britain, put forth their energies into imperialism and empire, Belgium was only concerned with domestic affairs during the reign of Leopold I. His son, Leopold II was born in 1935 as crown prince of Belgium, and he inherited the throne from his father upon his death in 1865. Unlike his father, Leopold II was obsessed with business and colonial expansion. He firmly believed that a country needed a colony to be successful. Leopold’s feelings for expansion were not shared by his countrymen however, and essentially as the figurative leader of a small country ran by a parliament, the ambitious King was left with very few options. To make matters more difficult, Belgium had a small army. Leopold was not going to gain his colony successfully by force. Leopold would have to acquire his colony through nontraditional means. Instead, the Belgian monarch would have to disguise his colony quest as a humanitarian venture that was beneficial to all of Europe.11
    Leopold’s choice of location for a colony was limited as well. The only continent unexplored and unclaimed (besides Antarctica) during the second half of the 19th century was sub-Saharan Africa. The only knowledge of the area were reports of Arab-slave trading. This region was of little interest to Europe at this time because Africa was thought of in terms of coastline. Travel into the heart of Africa was difficult, especially on the Congo River. Violent cataracts were located near the coast, making navigation from the coast into the interior impossible by boat. Thick jungle made travel by foot slow and troublesome. Furthermore, hostile African tribes and tropical diseases made the area undesirable. This location, however, was the one place Leopold II could make his dream of a colony come true.12
    The region was dominated by the mighty Congo River and its tributaries. The waterway remained unexplored until 1877, the year Henry Morton Stanley reemerged from his two year long survey expedition through Central Africa.13 After he finished his expedition, Leopold immediately contacted Stanley to see if he would like to start opening the interior to the global trade market. Stanley initially turned Leopold’s offer down, hoping that his home country Great Britain would be the country to benefit from his exploration. However, England was too preoccupied with a recession at home, colonial problems throughout the world, and not interested enough in Central Africa to add the Congo to its empire.14 Nonetheless, Stanley wanted to open up Central Africa to civilization and global markets. For these reasons, Stanley decided to open up the Congo under the direction of Leopold II. (A map of the Congo region is shown in Appendix C). Between 1879 and 1884, Stanley built a road around the rivers impassable cataracts, reassembled steam boats above them, and created numerous trading posts on the Congo River.15
    Though Stanley was directed by Leopold II, he was never really sure who was paying him. In actuality, it was King Leopold himself, but the crafty king told the press and Stanley that the International African Association (the IAA), an internationally represented board of explorers and geographers, was paying for the operation. The IAA was founded by Leopold II shortly before Stanley returned from Africa in 1877. The goals of the association were to bring civilization to central Africa, stop the Arab-slave trade, and open the interior to international trade. To deceive his ambitions, Leopold made it clear that that he founded the organization to bring civilization to Africa, and that he had no intention of ownership over the region.16 The committee met once in Brussels, elected Leopold II as president, and never met again. It was funded by British and Dutch businessmen, but the largest contributor was Maximilien Strauch, a man who put in Leopold’s money under his name.17
    Due to the IAA sponsoring Stanley’s expedition, and Leopold not being listed as one of the financiers of the IAA, Leopold’s economic ties to the operation were covered up and his true plans were not revealed to the general public. By carrying out things in this crafty way, the Belgian King deceived most people into thinking that Stanley’s work was for the humanitarian gains of scientific exploration and opening the interior to trade. The gimmick worked, and soon after Leopold sent Stanley to work for him in Africa newspapers printed articles that linked Leopold’s actions to the advancement of geography. “The King of the Belgians is the president of scientific society, of which Mr. Stanley is the agent.”18 As a side note, the geographers who attended the conference in Belgium were not naively tricked by Leopold’s philanthropic agenda. They were educated explorers from the finest countries of Europe, and were not fooled by the King’s humanistic goals. All attending knew that if Leopold could conquer the area by sheer force he would. So the geographers of the IAA were not blindly fooled by the Belgian King.19
    To further deceive his connections to the operation, Leopold confused the public and political leaders with organization names. After the one and only meeting of the IAA, Leopold created another organization called the International Association of the Congo (IAC). Unlike the IAA, this organization was linked to Leopold’s name and was directed by him. To deceive the public and politicians, Leopold interchanged the names of the IAC and the IAA when discussing the Congo. As a result, people were confused as to who was really behind the work in Africa: the King of a country and not an internationally recognized board of geographers. To further confuse the two, Leopold made the goals of the IAC identical to the ambitions of the IAA. As stated in a copy of the declaration exchanged between the United States and the IAC, the IAC stated that the Congo would “levy no custom house duties upon goods or articles of merchandise imported into their territories,” and
    Guarantee foreigners settling in their territories the right to establish commercial houses and to carry on trade. They pledge themselves never to grant to the citizens of one nation any advantages without immediately extending the same to the citizens of all other nations, and to do all in their powers to prevent the slave trade.20

    The IAC pledged to allow free trade and equal rights to all nations. In other words, under the IAC the Congo would be a neutral trading zone that would prevent the slave trade. Leopold’s scheme worked, and very few people realized that the IAA and the IAC were different organizations.
    While Stanley was working hard for him in Africa, Leopold II advertised the IAA to the rest of the western world. He seemed to know exactly how a crowd would best like to hear about the organization, and tailored his description based on the audience. The trading posts were aid stations for scientific and missionary purposes to Americans, and knights and crusaders to the Germans. He also told Americans that the Congo would become a republic of united African states.21 To the British, Leopold compared his work to the Red Cross. “The IAC, as it does not seek to gain money, and does not beg for aid of any state, resembles in a measure, … , the society of the Red Cross.”22 In November of 1882, Leopold wrote that “The IAC is an association of rich philanthropists and men of science who, with a disinterested goal of civilization, and for the love of progress, seek to open the Congo Basin.”23
    Leopold’s claims were met by a warm audience. Many people were persuaded by him, and he began to be viewed as a saint-like figure. During late 20th century, the standard politician was not heralded by an international audience for improving the world, but then there was

    • Thanks teach. Do you have any original thoughts? History is what it is. Do we hold all white men accountable for the actions of some? Do we hold all Africans accountable for selling their brothers and sisters as slaves? Do we hold all Asians accountable for the Wa Me Massacre in Seattle? Do we hold all muslim people accountable for the genocide at the World Trade Center?

      What sir is your point in the endless racist tirade agaist white people. Silly Omari.


  16. According to his ip address and more strange use of periods little ej is 122. He attacks commenters rather than discuss the issues in the story. In this case – more robbery and attempted murder committed by gang affiliated CD youth. My point is that youthful looks and a sweet tooth are not evidence of anything here ir in FL. Kids are robbing and stealing on the wsy to and from and at the corner store. We need to stop them. Save then from themselves. A neighborhood street supervisory group wiuld be a good start.

    • Yes but the scum is contained here and fed the entitlement lifestyle. We are in a containment zone. Love it wnen my personal trolls chime in, never have they ever given a reason why we are not an containment zone? Probably police guild afraid of the DOJ.

  17. I’ve been in Seattle only a couple months and it seems to me that everything is racially charged. A man was shot and everybody assumes it was blacks that did it. Both sides talking about the merits of black people as if they have the right to. We don’t have alot of them in Hawaii, but, I always figured people can speak for themselves. Why everybody here is pitching in on race is odd. Somebody was shot. Why not focus on the well being of that person and capturing the shooter. Tone down the whole race thing.