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EastPac Explores the Effectiveness of Seattle Human Services and Public Safety, this Thursday.

Happy Summer, East Precinct Neighbors!

Our monthly EastPAC Community Meeting is this Thursday, July 25th, from 6:30 to 8:00 PM.  The meeting is at Seattle University’s Pigott Hall, Room 200. (See below for directions)

This will be a good meeting, and I encourage you to attend!

    • Sargent Jason Diamond, third watch George Sector, will be attending to update you on the 26th and Spring area, and Lieutenant Gregg Calder will be giving updates on other East Precinct concerns.
    • Also on the agenda are representatives from the Seattle Human Services Department. At a recent EastPAC Board meeting, the Board discussed the continuing violence, gang activity and nuisance crime that doesn’t seem to change significantly, especially from our perspectives as residents. The issue arose regarding the large amount (millions) of dollars disseminated by the Human Services Department to mitigate underlying causes and barriers faced by those involved in criminal activity. We asked these questions:

1.    Why haven’t things changed? Why is criminal activity still active after several years?

2.    How effective are we, as a city (and taxpayers), despite putting forth millions of dollars, to mitigate criminal activity and suspects’ root causes leading to lives of crime?

3.    Are the recipients of these dollars meeting their target outcomes, and reporting deliverables? If not, why not, and are their funds still awarded?

We have asked Sola Plumacher and Heidi Albritton, Strategic Advisors with the Human Services Department, for information about the amount of city funds being allotted, to whom, and any information on goals met and/or unmet.

This promises to be interesting! I hope to see you all there!

See the map at  

(Use the ‘buildings’ pull-down menu to the right to locate the Pigott building). FREE Parking in the Broadway parking garage, on the East Side of Broadway between Marion and Columbia.  You can also park on the street, enter the campus at 12th and Marion, make the short walk straight ahead and you will see the sign leading to Pigott just to your right.)

All the best,

Stephanie Tschida, Chair

East Precinct Advisory Council

2 thoughts on “EastPac Explores the Effectiveness of Seattle Human Services and Public Safety, this Thursday.

  1. Aaaaagg!. More barfspeak from the city. Please come lend credence to our self agrandisemant! Let me ask – if I soil your sofa and tell you it is an improvement that cannot be measured. Do you believe? Then please send more money

    • So you need to come to the meeting and ask the city that question. Note: EastPAC is citizen/volunteer led. We’re not the city. This is why we have these folks as guests, so we can ask them to demonstrate their effectiveness or lack thereof.