Chuck’s Hop Shop now shooting for August opening

Originally hoping to open in May, Chuck’s Hop Shop is now hoping for a late August or September unveiling.

The family-friendly beer market and tap house is slated to open in the empty Copymaster building on the corner of 20th and Union. Owner Chuck Shin currently operates the popular Chuck’s 85th Street Market in Greenwood. The bottle shop has 30 craft beers on tap, growler fills to-go, and nearly 1,000 bottles for sale — many of them local beer.

The new Chuck's Hop Shop location at 20th and Union.

The new Chuck’s Hop Shop location at 20th and Union.

Chuck Shin has signed a 10-year lease for the 20th and Union spot and, according to reporting by Seattle Weekly, cited slow permitting as the cause of the delay.

The new Chuck’s Hop Shop will have eight parking spaces, compared to the original location’s three. They’ll also host food trucks every day, and they’re planning to have some outdoor seating space. In an attempt to be family-friendly, Chuck’s will be open to all ages and serve ice cream.

Expect lots of taps: Shin is planning for 50 taps and a dizzying selection of craft beer bottles — perhaps even more than at the Greenwood spot, which is 700 feet smaller than the 3,100-square-foot Central District location.

17 thoughts on “Chuck’s Hop Shop now shooting for August opening

  1. Thanks for the update! We’ve been wondering and waiting with baited breath…

  2. Can’t wait to see it! It is going to round out the block nicely.
    I know a good beer tap cleaning guy if you would like his number.
    Also please take down the chain link.

    • yes I second taking down the chain link + I hope do something to the exterior

  3. Finally a “containment” of great beer and other libations here in the CD. Sounders would be icing on the cake! Thats a containment I agree with!

  4. You and containment. Where’s your proof? You’re a boring old fart with nothing else ever to say.

    • Old, ohhh really? You do not know me at all. You must mistake me for your father and what ever you have going on in that confused pea brain you must have. This is about beer, celebration, happiness and not about whatever personal behaviorial defects you have and that make you, as a troll exhibit, always seeking negative attention. Get professional help!

      To the rest who read this, we all hope to “contain” some great beer and cider as soon as they open!

  5. One small step forward for hope. It’s only a contaiment zone because nobody wants in. Beer attract. Beer can tear down thes walls. Only beer can prevent….

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