Central Cinema closing in on Kickstarter goal

UPDATE: Central Cinema has surpassed its goal! Congrats!

With just three days to go to reach its $60,000 fundraising goal, Central Cinema is nearly there. As of this morning, they’d topped $58,000 in donations.

If the campaign is successful, they money will help the Central District theater convert to a Digital Cinema Package (DCP) projection system. By 2014, all major movies will be made for DCP projectors, so theaters around the country are being forced to upgrade.

More from the Central Cinema Kickstarter page:

Central Cinema’s KICKSTARTER campaign is to raise the funds to convert our theater to DCP, and we need your help to make this a reality. State of the art digital projectors are expensive, and we would have to save up for a long time to afford the equipment we need. The trouble is that we need to do this in the next six months before Hollywood shuts off the supply of non-DCP movies. If you can help us get over the hump with the new projector then we will bust our butts to make the shows that much better for you.


Central Cinema donors will receive swag like movie passes and tshirts.

The Central Cinema staff (photo from Central Cinema)

The Central Cinema staff (photo from Central Cinema)

2 thoughts on “Central Cinema closing in on Kickstarter goal

  1. Congrats Central Cinema! Looking forward to many shows on the new projector.