Yucky spill trashes 23rd and Union


(Image: Tim Durkan via Twitter)

A garbage truck lost part of its load Thursday afternoon leaving trash bags littering 23rd Ave at E Union. Here’s what @timdurkan saw:

Trash Crash! A @CleanScapes truck has dumped its entire load at 23rd Ave. and E Union. Cleanup underway.

The clean-up continued past 4:30 PM as passing cars spread some of the trash around the intersection.

5 thoughts on “Yucky spill trashes 23rd and Union

  1. I sat in stopped traffic on 23rd between Madison and Union between 4:30 and 5pm. It would’ve been nice to have an officer directing traffic around this mess at the Union/23rd intersection.

    • What, direct traffic here? Like would happen in Wallingford or Ballard. Nope, just move along, status quo, if you extend any normal civic treatment here they might get wise and realize they are living in a segregated containment zone

      • To quote Dewayne Hoobler: “The mixture of on the street was much like a dump.”

    • Did you do anything about this other than sit there and think about how you would post a comment on CDN? There is a non emergency line at SPD where citizens can take action and request services like this….625-5011.