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Stevens Elementary School Capacity Task Force Meeting

Do you live in the Stevens Elementary enrollment boundary and have a preschool student you are planning to enroll in the next couple of years? The Stevens Capacity Task Force is hosting a community meeting on June 5th, at 7:00PM in the Stevens Library to share information regarding the planned enrollment boundary change for the 2014-15 school year. We are looking for your input in response to the information we have collected. The Task Force will use the input gathered from the community to make a recommendation regarding the Stevens boundary change to the district. Hope to see you there!

5 thoughts on “Stevens Elementary School Capacity Task Force Meeting

  1. This should be a page 1 story. If one assignment boundary is moved, others will change here also. I was just about to say that I hoped that some of the units at 23rd and E. Union would be large enough to accommodate some families and that eventually as other new housing plans are proposed that some homes for families to purchase are added.

  2. I now understand that these meetings are being held perhaps at all the schools to find out what current parents think at each location. It seems a little in isolation of each other. Our area may include the issue of the boundary of Washington and Meany Middle Schools. All who have school age children and an interest in ensuring that there are great options for our families here should be aware of these meetings.

  3. This message appeared on the Seattle Community Schools Forum:
    Anonymous said…
    “Stevens has been coordinating with other elementary schools in its area including Montlake, Madrona, McGilvra, and Lowell — and perhaps others. It is a very regional effort.


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