Possible Drive-By Shooting at 26th and E. Spring

Police investigated reports of gunfire at 26th and E. Spring Street around 2 a.m. on Sunday morning. Though they found shell casings at the scene, they didn’t see any damage or injuries. They also didn’t make an arrest in the incident.

The full report from the SPD Blotter:

Just before 2 am Sunday morning, police received a report of gunfire at 26th and E. Spring Street.

Patrol officers then received information that a maroon Chevy SUV had been spotted fleeing the scene. Officers found the SUV stopped at a traffic light at 23rd and Cherry and pulled the car over.

When officers ordered the driver out of the vehicle, the man behind the wheel informed police he has a concealed weapons permit—explaining why he had a handgun sticking out of his waistband.

The man—who police are well-acquainted with—also told officers he had another loaded gun in the car. Indeed, police found another loaded pistol in the SUV.

Officers confirmed that both the guns are registered to the man, who has a concealed weapons permit, and asked him about the shooting.

The man denied being involved in the incident, and said he had been out shopping.

Back at 26th and E. Spring, police found shell casings but no evidence of damage or injuries. A witness was able to confirm they had seen the SUV fleeing the scene of the shooting. However, police weren’t able to find any witnesses who actually saw anyone in the car open fire or tie either of the driver’s guns to the shooting, and released the man from the scene.

25 thoughts on “Possible Drive-By Shooting at 26th and E. Spring

  1. I also first thought, shopping…at 2am??? Oh then I realized which corner it was and it then made complete sense as to what was being shopped for.

  2. The suspect replied that he had been out shopping…at 2 AM?!?! If the police believed this, then the entire SPD deserves a 50% pay cut. Idiots shouldn’t be rewarded with wonderful salaries.

      • Since when are SPD salaries “wonderful”? They’re paid a decent salary, in line with the work they do.

        Don’t have such low expectations for society. Everyone deserves a living wage.

  3. SPD neighborhood map shows drive-by shooting at 900 block of 27th on June 23 at 1:57 a.m. – just a block or so away. Was this a related incident?

  4. I’m with Del on this issue. Much as I hate gangster activity, our legal procedures have a place and purpose.

    I can call in and say I heard shots and saw a green care drive away. Now, what do you want to happen next? Every green car in town gets pulled over, searched, occumpants held and roughed up? Just the green cars with ____ people inside?

    The man has a right to shop at 2am. He has a right to carry guns. If there is no credible evidence that he shot the gun, there is nothing the police can do. And some guy said so is not evidence. The guy who said so needs to be credible and specific. I saw this vehicle (red chevy tahoe with spinner rims about 1980 with a ____ male about age ____, with pony tails in a green bow, I saw this man shoot 5 shots while his are was extended from the window, I saw the muzzle flash, I can identify the vehicle and shooter.). That is something you can go on.

    Otherwise, I could be driving down the street, a car back fires, and somebody calls in a red BMW X5 with an old white dude had just driven away. Next thing I’m on the ground because I went to by some diapers at 2 am. Of course, I’m not ____, so that will not actually happen to me.

    Still, rules is rules. We either stick to them or join the other side (lawless thugs). What do you want from SPD? Rough him up a bit just so he knows where to stand?

  5. I thought I heard a drive by on 4am Friday morning – anyone else know what that was?

  6. This has got to be one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever read. You’ve got a witness who identified a particular vehicle “fleeing” a scene of a crime. You’ve got shell casings at the scene of the crime. You’ve got someone with multiple loaded weapons near the scene of the crime in a vehicle matching the witnesses description. And then what? Everyone just gives up? Goes home? I know the force is afraid of profiling. Kicking ass and taking names isn’t the current mode of operations. I urge you guys and gals to not give up in these situation and please just kick a little more ass than this. Just a little. If this happened over in Magnolia neighborhood I bet there would have been an arrest. The CD plays soft on thugs to the detriment of the community.

    • As I have said many many times, welcome to the containment zone. City policy has been to contain crime and low income here in the CD so no other neighborhood gets impacted. It is a racist policy the DOJ missed in their review and a class action suit is the only way to end it. We are a containament zone!

      • Eyes,

        Proof of a containment zone = ? Please share. You talk a lot about it. Why don’t you bring proof to bear, so folks in the neighborhood can jump on board with your “class action lawsuit”.

      • Hey “Asinine”, you got your troll name right! Just review the CD news on crime for the years past, look at the past news casts on shootings in other part of town and the lack of any attention here. In the 1970’s the Cherry Hill Community council let a chiken go at a City Council meeting and called it chicken charlie because Mayor Charlie Royer would do nothing to end the drug and prosisution problems in the CD. In the 1990’s people here mailed the used condoms and needles found on the streets to the Council memebers so they would experience what they and their kids saw everyday. Decades of double standard. It is obvious even to anyone who lives here and travels to other parts of Seattle. How about you looking at and compileing the history of protests and events and maybe you would not be so “Asinine”.

      • You need a lesson in what “proof” means. People shouting and throwing chickens in rooms and mailing needles does not equate to “proof”. I’m on board with you this area needs to be cleaned up, but your claim that the city has deliberately ignored the CD, and even gone so far as to develop a strategy of “containing” crime in the area is utterly without proof. But again though, please prove me wrong. You have no proof, other than what you call “proof” in people mailing needles and tossing chickens in rooms.

  7. Is it possible to, say, match shell casings to the guns in his possession? If so, is it legal to try in these circumstances?
    If so… Police just can’t be bothered? Would they go to the trouble under the same circumstances in a different neighborhood?
    Serious questions, not just pot-stirring.