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Mayoral Candidate Public Safety Forum, Saturday

Mayoral Candidate Public Safety Forum

Saturday, June 22nd

City Hall, Bertha Knight Landes Room

“Nine Candidates, One Position”

What do the Mayoral Candidates intend to do to make Seattle communities safer? A good question…and promise of public safety.


Hear how each candidate addresses citizen concerns at the upcoming Citywide Precinct Advisory Council’s (CPAC) Mayoral Candidate Forum on Public Safety – Saturday, June 22nd @ 10 AM.  There have been numerous Mayoral Candidates Forums – None (yet) have focused specifically on safety concerns within Seattle neighborhoods.


In the past few years, the chairs and chair designee’s of North, East, West, South and Southwest Precinct Advisory Councils formed the Citywide Precinct Advisory Council (CPAC), a volunteer group designed to escalate discussions with City representatives and elected officials to address public safety concerns being voiced within the 5 precinct boundaries.  Today, CPAC members continue working toward those goals — and, in collaboration with Councilmembers Tim Burgess and Tom Rasmussen, (many thanks), are sponsoring this forum — moderated by Brian Callanan.

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