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Free Self-Defense & Awareness Classes for Seattle Neighborhoods

Collegiate-Safety-FlyerThe Washington Initiative (WAI) is offering free self-defense and awareness classes to Seattle-area individuals – employees, students, residents, business owners –  anyone who wants to feel more ‘in control’ of their own safety. The WAI recently partnered with Social Outreach Seattle (SOSea) for their May 22nd rally/march on Capitol Hill where they were able to speak on the importance of situational awareness.

Originally started in New York, with astronomically high crime rates, the Initiative Collective is focused on private and public safety, humanitarian outreach, neighborhood crime watch, urban exploration, law enforcement support, empowerment and awareness, environmental outreach and emergency response. Sounds like a lot? They love it that way. The New York Initiative (NYI) has been receiving an incredible amount of press over the last few weeks for that very reason.

The WAI has a stellar awareness curriculum that has been employed by their San Francisco branch in their local LGBTQ community with rave reviews and life-saving stories/testimonials. This seminar is interactive, can include self-defense (and works best if it does!), and can go from 1 – 3 hours in length, depending on the needs of those involved.

Please feel free to check them out at: for more information on their nationwide group, or at for the Seattle, Washington team page, specifically.

All classes are free. If you’re interested in getting a group together, please email Temper at [email protected], or visit their Facebook page at

4 thoughts on “Free Self-Defense & Awareness Classes for Seattle Neighborhoods

  1. Are you still offering free self defense classes? I’m raising 5 kids that I must protect ?and they need to learn to protect themselves as well. If these classes are still available where and when?

    • Good call Rita. Developing your childrens awareness of options and methods of protecting themselves is very important. Awareness is the biggest issue. So many people and kids just don’t know what to do when things go wrong. A little information can make a huge difference.