23rd Avenue Joint Community Workshop & Open House this Saturday

At the 23rd Avenue Joint Community Workshop and Open House this Saturday, two major neighborhood projects will host open houses.

Seattle Department of Transportation will present their plan for the 23rd Avenue Corridor Improvement Project and the Department of Planning & Development will showcase the 23rd Avenue Action Plan. Both open houses will give attendees the chance to learn more about the projects and ask questions.

After the open houses, there will be a workshop to confirm and prioritize strategies and action items and lay the foundation for action teams and partnerships to implement the Action Plan.

The event takes place Saturday, June 29th at the Garfield Community Center from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

For more details, see the flier: 23rd Avenue Action Plan Flier

3 thoughts on “23rd Avenue Joint Community Workshop & Open House this Saturday

  1. I just caught the outlines of the meeting this morning. Here’s what I heard:

    1) bikes are out of the equation- SDOT is proposing a greenway down 21st or 20th to be developed concurrently with the 23rd Phase 1 (north or Jackson) improvements- The Mayors office has been advocating this strategy.
    2) 3 lanes will work. SDOT will probably widen things to 4 lanes at John/Madison as well as Jackson, but 3 lanes will work everywhere else;
    3) Keeping the 48 moving is at the top of the priority list.
    4) Sidewalk improvements and pedestrian crossings have moved up on the priority list.