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Undercover and uniformed police at Powell Barnett park 5/30

Hi neighbors,

I was taking some kids to Powell Barnett park today around 12:30 or 1, and there were 3-5 plain-clothed officers pacing back and forth across MLK at Alder, and a number of uniformed police around too. Any idea what was going on?

7 thoughts on “Undercover and uniformed police at Powell Barnett park 5/30

  1. I saw this too – looked like a major operation. Been waiting to see something about the end result too!

  2. With the crazy, often impaired driving we’ve been seeing all over, especially during the past few weeks, these patrols may save a few children’s lives.

  3. I saw a marked car zip off and stop a big SUV on Saturday the 1st. It looked to me like the reason was not FOR stopping for a pedestrian waiting to cross MLK.

    • Oops. Sorry for the weird caps. The SUV drove past someone waiting at the crosswalk, and the cop chased them down.