Live coverage of May Day 2013

CDNews will have live coverage of the 2013 May Day March for Workers and Immigrant Rights, which is scheduled to leave Judkins Park at 3 p.m. destined for the Federal Building downtown.

If you can’t make it out for a sunny march for social justice, stay tuned here and follow @CDNews on Twitter for updates. Post your updates in the comments below.

Here’s a map of the route, from SPD:


Updates: The march is just about ready to get started.20130501-145900.jpg20130501-150233.jpg20130501-151246.jpg

Turning down Jackson from 20th:


On its way down Jackson, the march passed Casa Latina and their new expansion:20130501-152757.jpg

The march easily stretches from Rainier to 17th Avenue. That’s three blocks filled curb-to-curb with people.


The march is heading through the ID on King Street. Possibly changed the route due to construction(?)


In the ID:


Marching up 4th Ave:






Found the Casa Latona crew:


Heading down 2nd. Young marchers next to me chant: “Hey, Obama, don’t deport my mama!”


The march ended with a rally at the 2nd and Madison Federal Building. Thanks for reading. Back to regularly scheduled CDNews programming.


8 thoughts on “Live coverage of May Day 2013

  1. Looked pretty cool as they went by. About ten creepy people trying to look like anarchist terrorist types, kind of embarrassing that those people have to try to hang their facemask on the valid messages presented.

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  3. Thank you for the pictures. It appears festive and peaceful with good messages.

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