Help Wanted: CDNews is looking for its next editor

help wantedAfter nearly two and a half years at the helm of Central District News, it’s time for me to step aside to make room for a new editor.

As many of you know, CDNews is a part-time job for me, sharing my attention with Seattle Bike Blog. Since I founded the bike blog in 2010 (shortly before taking the reigns of CDNews), it has grown dramatically. I am now making the leap from part-time to full-time on that site, and that unfortunately means leaving CDNews.

I have been honored to be the editor of this innovative, popular and collaborative community news site. Started in 2007 by CD resident and software developer Scott Durham, the site was uniquely built around tips and contributions directly from readers like you. I will miss helping all you active CD residents get out the word about your own innovative projects, moderating vibrant community conversations and helping to keep my neighbors connected and informed about what’s happening down the street and across the neighborhood.

I will not be completely absent. Aside from helping the new editor get settled, I am still hoping to develop the Central District Journalism School. And, of course, I can’t wait to join all of my neighbors as a regular commenter :-)

There will be some changes to the site, including one you will notice very soon: Advertising placements on CDNews and our sister site Capitol Hill Seattle will be combined, expanding the reach for advertisers in both neighborhoods.

Stay tuned, because the site will need you all more than ever during the transition to a new editor.

Speaking of which: We are now seeking someone to take over as Editor at Central District News. It’s a big responsibility but a good opportunity for anybody interested in being a big part of the community. Pay is part-time equivalent.


  • Experience in professional or student journalism (experience in an editorial role is a plus) or related field.
  • Desire to grow both the journalistic and business elements of the site.
  • Flexible schedule. Community news sometimes happens at strange hours.
  • Ability and motivation to work with lots of independence.
  • Residence in, ties to or great love for the Central District neighborhood.


  • Report and produce regularly-scheduled and current content for CDNews website.
  • Report breaking news, including reporting from the scene if applicable.
  • Moderate website discussions (comments) and user-submitted content (stories and event listings)
  • Maintain social media for CDNews, including active Twitter and Facebook accounts.
  • Maintain and expand relationships with advertisers. Editor will still have full editorial independence.


  • Part-time pay to start.
  • Pay will grow as the business grows.

Central District News was started in 2007 by resident and software developer Scott Durham who handed over the reins of the site to his business partner Justin Carder. Justin is also publisher of and continues to manage both sites. CDNews has grown to be read by more than 1,000 visitors every day.

To apply, send résumé, a one-page cover letter and up to three published writing examples to [email protected]. We will accept applications through June 3.

10 thoughts on “Help Wanted: CDNews is looking for its next editor

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  2. Thanks for all of your great reporting Tom- I’ll miss having you at the helm of CDnews. Good luck taking the Seattle Bike Blog to the next level.

    • Cool jobs. Hope they find another good editor and find some regular CD columnists. I would love to see the lid come off this blog. I expect a blog to promote broad and tolerant views. We need some local ebonic flavor and some older still stuff. And regular reviews of place from red apple to cheeky. More of everything. And more controversial engagement. I dont want Seattlite Times.

  3. Tom, you’ve really helped develop CD News and I’m sorry to see you move on. Thank you for all of the hard work! I hope you find us someone who is both very professional and really in tune with the community.

  4. A big thank you to Tom, for all you’ve done for this neighborhood. This website has provided a way for us to get to know eachother and what’s going on around us. Without it I would not have found my way to all the wonderful community groups at work in our neighborhood.

  5. Tom, thank you for all of your hard work. You were instrumental in helping me pass along some information to a fellow veteran. You will be missed. Good luck at your new position and hope you enjoy the same success that you achieved here.

  6. Yes Tom you have done an exceptional job at the helm and your sucessful development of this site to what it is today. Big shoes to fill and I am sure you will pick the right person to carry on. Right now I holding my self back from some smart ass comment on Omari taking over so I will leave it at this.


    Could not help myself ; )

  7. Yes, Tom, thank you and good luck at the bike blog–they are lucky to have you.