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Found a Black and White Cat. Are you missing a cat?

A friend sent out the email below.  I added the italics and deleted a bit of the contact info since the blog is larger audience.

The original email follows:A cat has started hanging around my house lately.  Largish but not fat, white at the end of an all black tail.  Seems like a friendly well-cared for cat.  When it showed tonight around midnight I wondered if it was lost and not just new to the hood.  Anybody know who this cat might be? Reply to this message regarding a contact to return the kitty and we will figure a way to get the cat home.  It was pretty hungry but didn’t seem totally desperate.

I may take it to a shelter in a couple of days to see if it’s got an ID chip if I don’t hear from anyone.  SInce I don’t have a car, if anyone can maybe help me get the cat to a shelter to be checked for an ID in a couple of days, let me know!

4 thoughts on “Found a Black and White Cat. Are you missing a cat?

  1. We’ve had one similar wander in to our casa a couple of times near 19th and Fir, is that the same area you found him/her in?

  2. Yes, this looks like the we kitty we often see in the area of 28-29th, behind the Church on 28th and Jackson… Looks very healthy and did have the chance to pet it one night… super friendly… I was going to try to take it home but my dogs would not approve. We do see it roaming around a lot… I thought I saw a poster for a missing cat like this a couple of months ago and posted something here, but no response.

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