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Truck vs. Building on Jackson Street (Hit-and-run)

photo-8Hello all,

Our building at 16th & Jackson was hit by an unknown vehicle over the weekend. We arrived this morning to find the damage. This is the 4th time we’ve had a vehicle crash into our building since we began occupying it around 2007. We’ve had our windows smashed several times as well, once back last May which we posted about on CDNews.

What we know about the vehicle:

Some sort of truck (maybe Jeep?)
Color: Grey/silver
One of those aftermarket fog lights was left behind, as well as part of a license plate frame

If anybody has any info on the vehicle, maybe a truck you’ve seen around that matches the description with front-end damage, please let us or the police know.



6 thoughts on “Truck vs. Building on Jackson Street (Hit-and-run)

  1. Wow, I’m surprised they were able to drive away considering what was left behind… I mean it must have been a tank!

  2. I saw the cop checking it out kind of scratching his head. there’s no skid marks and no reason you could easily surmise how someone could have hit the building.

  3. That is some damage! Too often, I have had large trucks hit my building. It is very strange, for I cannot conceive of a single reason for them to be travelling in the direction they were going.
    I do custom metalwork. Feel free to contact me if you would like to consider a fairly permanent barricade. From your upturned bollards, you were hit by a pretty large vehicle or one travelling at a high rate of speed.

  4. I’ve seen people on downhill streets who’ve had their fence or yard slammed into by a car put in big boulders, if buried deep enough that might keep the vehicle from making onto the building (also has the side benefit of doing some damage to their vehicle and perhaps making it hard to drive away).

    Very annoying for you. Sorry it keeps happening.