Summer Math Camps are here and powered by Zeno!

From Zeno, based at 14th and Yesler:

Zeno, a non-profit organization, is offering 4 math camp adventures this summer that are super fun AND help to combat that dreaded summer learning loss!

What adventure will YOUR kids have this summer?

  • Using architecture to design and build their own city
  • Building geometric Pirate Hats and learning to read treasure maps
  • Playing Blink while Measuring Monkeys with their Supermind*
  • Learning money systems to barter like the Romans, Grecians, and Mayans

*All refer to math games

Learn more about our camps here!

Zeno camps are open to kids from Grades 1-5 and registration is now open. Let us solve your summer and magnify your mathitude along the way!

Two ways to register: Register online or call Zeno at 206-325-0774.

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