Seattle Central looks to move health program to PacMed, breaks in Wood Technology Center in Judkins Park

Image from the Wood Technology Center's website

Image from the Wood Technology Center’s website

Seattle Central Community College, based on Broadway, is not just a Capitol Hill institution. Recently, Beacon Hill Blog reported that the college is looking to move its health programs into Beacon Hill’s looming, iconic and mostly vacant Pacific Medical Center building.

That news comes six months after the opening of Seattle Central’s new Wood Technology Center at 23rd and Lane. The college invested in the Judkins Park facility, which houses a program that traces its roots back to the 1930s.

For a look inside the facility, see this February story in the New City Collegian:

The Wood Technology Center is a section of Seattle Central Community College of which most students at the Broadway Campus have no knowledge. Tucked away on South Lane Street in the Central District a brand new building houses a vocational institute dedicated to woodworking. The school has been around in various iterations and locations since 1936, and became a part of the Community College system in 1967. The new building, finished last year, is state-of-the-art, with high ceilings and steel beams accented with fine woodwork.

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