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Cappy’s Boxing Club Hosts Clean-up Workout


As part of the Community Health and Well Being Project, Cappy’s Boxing Club members and volunteers hit the streets on Sunday to participate in the Neighborhood Spring Clean.  The Goal was to see garbage as treasure, find as much as possible, and to get an excellent workout.

The garbage collected was largely cigarette butts, bottles and bottle caps, with an assortment of socks, T-shirt and misc items tossed into the mix.

Discoveries were:  some items might have started out as lost before becoming garbage; some garbage blended into the the leaves; it took a lot longer than one might think to clean up a section of the Neighborhood, and there was a lot of bending over involved.

The garbage outside businesses was different than the garbage outside apartment buildings.  One person thanked us and another asked we leave the garbage where it was.  We only found one pile of dog poop.  (Right on dog owners!)  Also, there were garbage trails.  For example:  a series of chicken bones followed by a dental floss tool.

Afterwards, the Crew agreed we had completed 500+ Squats, worked the Lats, Biceps, Triceps and got a tremendous Hamstring Workout.  All in all, a great success and one of the many rewards of hanging out at Cappy’s!

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