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Cappy’s Boxing Club goes Old School


This week, it was back to the “Old School” for the Boxers participating in Cappy’s Boxing Club’s Community Health and Well-Being Project. Now in it’s fifth week, the Project which is sponsored by Swedish Hospital, seeks to establish connections between Youth, local community experts and Central District businesses in order to promote Community Health and Well-Being.

Lifetime Central District Resident and Cappy’s Boxing Gym Maintenance Supervisor Davon Evans was first up to be interviewed. Speaking to a group of Youth Boxers from Cappy’s competitive team, Davon spun stories of the way things used to be in the CD. The kids came back to the gym full of the tales of Bruce Lee’s father, Odessa Brown and the infamous Devil’s Ditch.

The legendary proprietor of Earl’s Cuts and Styles was up next. Born and raised in the Central District, he’s a man who is famous enough to not need a last name. Earl let it be known, nothing says “Old School style” like taking the time to look good. He shared his pride in the neighborhood, the Central District history, and his delight in providing a place for CD neighbors to come in and look their best.


2 thoughts on “Cappy’s Boxing Club goes Old School

  1. This sounds like an interesting project! I love the idea of having youth boxers walking through the CD and interviewing people, hearing about the history of the CD. Great work Cappys!

  2. This Project is transformational! Stay tuned as we put all the information gained into an emerging NEW Central Area Map of Health and Well BEing!