Woman’s distracting ruse blamed for E Union shop rip-off

A Central District shopkeeper says he suspects a man stole $500 while an overly friendly woman distracted him just before closing time last month, according to Seattle Police.

The shopkeeper told police a suspicious man entered his 2000 block E Union store February 18th and asked to use the bathroom.

Later that evening when the store was closed, a woman knocked on the front door and began asking the shopkeeper about items for sale, according to police. After the woman left, the shopkeeper walked to the back of the store and realized his cash drawer was open, and an envelope with $500 was missing.

Though he never saw the man enter the store, police say the shopkeeper suspects the man who used the bathroom earlier that day unlocked a back door to the business and used it to enter while the woman distracted him. Police were unable to locate the thief or his possible accomplice, but were following up by checking the store’s surveillance cameras.

The suspect was described as a black male in his late 40s to 50s, about 6’2″ and 200 pounds with short hair and a scruff beard. The possible friendly accomplice was a black female in her 40s, about 5’4″ and “average” build. She was wearing “pink striped” glasses and “big earrings” on the day of the crime.

The shopkeeper told police that the thief stole an envelope containing $500 and several ones and fives but left behind hundreds of dollars in the till.

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