Get your downtown, ID and Pioneer Square news at Fifth Avenue Seattle

Screenshot of FAS

Screenshot of FAS

CDNews has a new independent news neighbor.

Fifth Avenue Seattle is a hyperlocal news site focused on the Central Business District, the International District and Pioneer Square.

Capitol Hill Seattle and CDNews contributor Sebastian Garrett-Singh started the site last week and officially launched it today. So if you work or play downtown (or just want to know what’s happening on the other side of I-5), check it out.

Here’s an excerpt from the press release:

As The Seattle Times and news sources nationwide continue a shift for paid web content, a void has been created, and with downtown Seattle remarkably starved of news content, that void has now been filled. News blogger Sebastian Garrett-Singh adds his voice to the hyperlocal news ecosystem with the unveiling of the blog Fifth Avenue Seattle. The blog is devoted to the neighborhoods adjacent to Fifth Avenue in downtown Seattle, Washington providing up to date news and information for those that work, live, and play in the urban core. focuses on news stories originating from Seattle’s Chinatown, Pioneer Square, and the Central Business District with plans to expand north and south along the corridor.

At 22, Garrett-Singh is Seattle’s youngest, neighborhood-centric, blog/business owner. Garrett-Singh served as 2012-2013 Executive Editor of the New City Collegian, a grassroots publication covering the Seattle Community Colleges system. Promoted just months after signing on as a reporter, he is no stranger to reviving a dying enterprise in a down market.  Under his leadership, NCC returned to a one-off print edition garnering national media attention including The Seattle Times, Student Press Law Center, and the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education and a news partnership with The Seattle Times.

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3 thoughts on “Get your downtown, ID and Pioneer Square news at Fifth Avenue Seattle

  1. I think it should be “live, work or play” Tom. Yes, surprisingly, lots of people actually live in those areas.

    • Ha! I know. But this is CDNews, so I was writing from the assumption you don’t live there already :-)

      I think that’s the big opportunity for Sebastian. The growing downtown neighborhood is still looking for a residential identity (at least in the CBD)