13 thoughts on “Walmart at 23rd and Jackson?

  1. Please no. NO. Just say NO to Sam Walton and his Walmarts. (besides, the space isn’t big enough for Sam) Wish I had an alternate suggestion, but I don’t. Would love a Whole Foods or PCC type place but I know that is considered elitist. Would love a Target or Fred Meyer without groceries – but again not big enough. Don’t need another Safeway, or QFC, or RedApple…..heck. Just do what every other corner in the city is doing – mixed use. 4 floors of apartments over a first floor of odd and not necessarily effective retail spaces. We do want to look just like Ballard here, right?

  2. I overheard an employee at the Red Apple talking to a customer about it. Said the decision will be announced at the beginning of next year?

  3. The rumor is a walmart grocery store, which would fit in the existing building, not a full walmart.

  4. Last time this rumor went around (just a few months ago), Walmart said they were not considering anything for this location. I suppose they could have been lying, But this could also be nothing more than unsubstantiated rumors again.

  5. I think what they may consider is a WalMart Neighborhood Market concept. They have been opening up around the country and there are a few here. That concept works with the current Red Apple size store. Not a bad selection, but wish Fred Meyer had a small concept like that our re-configure the whole development to fit one.

  6. I’m thinking the CD isn’t the best place for Walmart. Residents and businesses should fight this tooth and nail.

  7. No Wallmart will be built, the developers confirmed that . This fearmongering needs to stop. This crap is being said to stop any needed change here.