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Vian Hunter shows Cappy’s Boxers the ropes

Boxer Amauri Boss puts his training to the test while interviewing Vian Hunter

Boxer Amauri Boss puts his training to the test with Vian Hunter


Vian Hunter knows how to handle a punch. In her world of high fashion design, demands come at you faster than a flurry from Muhammad Ali. Her recent project was a pair of unique boxing uniforms for two boxers who compete at Cappy’s Boxing Gym where Ms. Hunter trains. The acrobatic jump rope routine that showcased the flashy uniforms was a fitting finale to the first phase of the gym’s Live a Boxer’s Lifestyle Program which connects young boxers and successful entrepreneur role models like Ms. Hunter.

In his 20 years as head coach, gym owner Cap Kotz has seen many young boxers come and go. After their competitive careers ended, they often had difficulty finding their way in life. The long hours of training in the gym were not translating to success.  In response to this need, Kotz created the Live a Boxer’s Lifestyle Program, a broad initiative whose four guiding Principles are Dedication, Courage, Stamina and Emotional Fortitude.

The two boxers who participated in the fashion project, 17-year-old Brennan Phelan and 15-year-old Amauri Boss, were put to the test during the initial design interview with Ms. Hunter. Thrust into the Ring with the unfamiliar world of High Fashion, they put the Program Principles into practice.  Phelan noted “it was kind of uncomfortable so I used the Principle of Courage to make myself more open than I usually would be.”

Round Two took place at Ms. Hunter’s retail store in the Madison Valley.  The Boxers interviewed Ms. Hunter and Pattern Maker, Ms. Laird seeking to understand how the Live a Boxer’s Lifestyle Principles are used by business owners. Vian proved the perfect candidate for translating the world of business into the world of boxing. Phelan said of the interview process, “it helped me understand how widespread the Live a Boxer’s Lifestyle Principles really are … Vian was telling me about how it took all of the Live a Boxer’s Lifestyle Principles to keep her going.

As Ms. Hunter set to work to create the uniforms, Boxers Phelan and Boss had a Project of their own. The pair created a jump rope routine to be performed at Cappy’s Saturday Night Sizzler, one of the Club’s many Community Events.

After the event, attended local residents and gym members including Ms. Hunter and her husband, the Boxers were clearly pleased with the results. Boss noted, “They did great work on the material and stitching … but what I admire most is just how fast it all came together.”  Phelan noted how comfortable the uniform was and that he could imagine sleeping in it.

Just one other quality that unites busy entrepreneurs and boxers: the need for sleep.

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