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Neighborhood community for 13-26 year olds

Check out this special community that is being built for our teens and young adults! I brought a friend to the class and was surprised that most people attending were driving from the east side! Lets get our young people involved! 

Konnect: 13-26 years with developmental delays Tuesdays 5-5:45pm

Teens and young adults have a chance to connect with peers while exploring philosophy and movement of yoga in a fun and supportive environment. Martial arts, self-defense, tumbling and creative movement may be included based on group interests. Focus is on joy of movement, relaxation, and community. All classes run in six week series and are limited to six participants in each class. You may join in the middle of a series if space is available for a prorated amount. Some scholarships are available. Classes are open to a range of abilities and experience levels. Other mainstream classes are available for ages 3+, and a special girls empowerment class for 8-12yrs.  Individual and small group therapeutic sessions are offered in a different format.

Movement and philosophy of yoga combined with elements of dance, tumbling, martial arts & creative movement provide a fun environment for youth to connect with their body, mind, spirit & peers. Strength based classes build self-esteem, focus, relaxation, social skills, agility, balance, strength, flexibility, positive body image, self-calming, joy of movement, respect for self and others, and a loving heart.

Contact Info:  [email protected]  (206) 887-2347

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