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Free Public Chrome Books in CD Cafes

Chrome Books in Local Cafes

Chrome Books in Local Cafes

Two south Central District cafes now have free Google Chrome Books you can check out to use to scan your email or catch up on the news thanks to an Online Boost Grant from the City of Seattle’s Communities Online initiative.

The Colman Neighborhood Association received one of these grants to increase participation in the community and to broaden the use of their online Colman NextDoor community chat system. Part of that effort includes being able to provide access to computers within our neighborhood so that people don’t have to go to the library to get online access.

These Netbooks (there isn’t much you can do on them when they are offline) are available at either end of the Colman Neighborhood.

Indian Ocean Cafe
2519 S. Jackson Street

Judkins Street Cafe
2608 South Judkins Street (Judkins and MLK)
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A big shout out to both Dekko and Michael for hosting these netbooks at their restaurants. We hope that not only will it be helpful to neighbors here in the south end of the CD, but that it might lead to a few more coffee (or sambusa) sales as well for our local businesses.

If you’ve got an organization in the Central District that is trying to find a way to increase your communities access online and $1000 could help solve a quick problem, you ought to be taking a look at these Online Boost Grants. We think they’re great!

If you live south of Jackson and north of I-90, between Judkins Park and MLK and aren’t on Colman Nextdoor, it’s worth checking out. It’s a bit like Facebook for your neighbors, with easy to set controls so you only get the mail you want to see, with almost 300 neighbors sharing news, recommendations, and solving problems specific to this much smaller slice of the CD. It’s pretty cool.

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