Ezell’s Famous Chicken is going mobile

8211606156_934f954c1eSoon, the rest of the country might get a chance to experience Ezell’s Famous Chicken. Seattle Met reports that the fried chicken company, which started at 23rd and Jefferson, is starting a food truck extension named Ezell’s Express:

Jennifer Stephens started working at Ezell’s Famous Chicken when she was 12 years old. Her cousin, Phylicia Davidson, started in the ninth grade—she needed shoes for basketball. In 2001 the two found themselves operating the same storefront in Skyway. There they’d hatch plans that are just now—after years at Microsoft and in mortgage banking and litigation law—taking shape in the form of Ezell’s Express.

Ezell’s Express is a fleet of food trucks inspired by the namesake chainlet, now in operation for nearly three decades. In April Stephens and Davidson will debut their first outfit. After six months they plan to introduce others locally then launch further afield—possibly California and Oregon initially, and then in Texas. They’re franchising, just in a mobile capacity.

“Ezell’s is a product the whole world needs to know about,” says Stephens, and soon it will.

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2 thoughts on “Ezell’s Famous Chicken is going mobile

  1. I hope they work the late-night crowd on Capitol Hill. I would be so happy to have something else to choose from besides those rank smelling hot dogs on every other corner.

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