Two people shot at Twilight Exit, police kill shooter

IMG_0045A man shot two people inside the Twilight Exit at 25th and Cherry Sunday night before exiting the bar and firing at police officers outside. Police returned fire and killed him.

The two people shot inside, a 25-year-old female and a bouncer in his 30s, were taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. No officers were struck during the exchange outside the bar.

Update: The shooter has been identified as James D Anderson. See update below for more details from the Seattle Times.

Police loaded witnesses onto a Metro bus

Police loaded witnesses onto a Metro bus

The incident started around 10:15 p.m., according to police. There were at least 20 people in the bar when the suspect entered, apparently looking for the woman, who was an ex.

After exchanging words, the man pulled out a gun and shot her. He also shot a Twilight Exit bouncer when he tried to intervene.

When the suspect exited the bar, police contacted him and told him to drop his gun. He lifted the gun and fired one shot at officers, police said. Officers then returned fire, striking him.

Medics declared the suspect dead on arrival. The two victims inside were transported to the hospital.

Witnesses gathered outside, and emergency responders gave them ponchos to keep dry from the light, cold drizzle as they waiting for detectives. A Metro bus arrived, and witnesses boarded to stay warm and talk to officers. They then left the scene in the bus, headed to station for further statements.

The shooting occurred just two blocks from where Justin Ferrari’s van came to a stop after he was shot and killed in May 2012, one block from where Tyrone Love was shot and killed in 2009, one block from where Quincy Coleman has shot and killed on Halloween 2008, and two blocks from where a man was shot and seriously injured in August.

The Twilight Exit has been a huge supporter of CDNews, and a personal favorite watering hole. We send our best wishes to the victims, staff and everyone in the bar.

Update — Monday 9:40 AM: Twilight Exit management has posted the following message to the bar’s Facebook page:Screen shot 2013-01-28 at 9.34.27 AM

The page has also become a de facto message board for customers to share support for the victims and the Twilight.

CDNews spoke with Twilight Exit owner Stephan Mollmann, who has had a long night. He said the shooter and victim were regulars in the Twilight, and their disputes have raised concerns in the past.

“Right when it happened, I knew who it was,” he said.

He said the bouncer remains in the ICU in stable condition with a gunshot wound to his thigh.

Police have not yet cleared the scene. Once they do, the many bags, coats and other belongings left will be taken to the Neighbor Lady at 23rd and Union, which Mollmann also owns in partnership with Shira Bray.

Update: The Seattle Times spoke to a witness who described the following:

“He was getting kicked out as I was coming in and we were getting our IDs checked,” said Alex Koch, a 28-year-old Seattle Central Community College student.

When the man returned, he started yelling at a woman and shot her, according to the witnesses.

“I heard that first shot; everyone is getting under tables,” Koch said. “I used a small table to barricade myself as he was shoving through the door.”

Koch and others began streaming out a door onto East Cherry, while other patrons fled.

Update: The Stranger’s Marti Jonjak was at the Twilight Exit when the shooting occurred. She was next to the victim when the shooter entered and started yelling at her. The man left and returned with a gun:

Things calmed down right after the man left, and we shrugged it off. Something like 20-30 minutes later, we heard a popping sound, like a fire cracker. We couldn’t see exactly what was happening, but I suddenly felt panicked, and Lexi and I crouched down on the floor, we were trapped in the back corner of the bar. The young man walked towards us, he was holding a gun. I saw the beautiful girl was next to me, on my left. Our shoulders were touching. I saw her long black curly hair. As we crouched on the floor, the man was standing over all of us with his gun. He was hyper focused on the girl, and then I jumped up and ran past him. Before I got outside, I saw a pool of blood on the floor of the entry way. I tucked myself behind a dumpster and saw the bouncer laying near by. He was covered in blood, and another man was kneeling over him. This man handed me his cell phone, it was already dialing 911. The cell phone was smeared in blood, it left blood stains on my hands. Lexi and came out after that, and just after, the cops showed up in the alley, one pointed his flashlight at me and I held my hands up, and they gathered us together for questions. Lexi was barefoot because the woman who’d been shot had fallen on top of her, and as she struggled to leave her shoes somehow came loose and fell off beneath the woman’s body. More police and medics arrived, and later, I watched the bouncer and the girl being transported on stretchers into the ambulance.

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Update: The shooter has been identified as James D Anderson, 33. From the Seattle Times:

The dead man was not formally identified Monday, but a relative said his name was James D. Anderson, 33, of Seattle.
Anderson had been arrested near the same nightclub, the Twilight Exit, two months ago after he allegedly left the couple’s 7-month-old son unattended in a car that was parked nearby, according to court documents. Anderson was charged with reckless endangerment and leaving the child unrestrained and alone in a car while he walked up to the Twilight Exit on East Cherry Street, according to Seattle Municipal Court documents.

Original breaking news coverage:

There was a large emergency response to an incident near 25th and Cherry shortly after 10:15 p.m. Sunday.

Real Time 911 lists the incident as a “multiple casualty incident.”

We will update as we learn more.

Update: The shooting occurred at the Twilight Exit. No official SPD statement yet, but scanner reports say three people were shot, two inside and one in the alley.

From SPD:

@SeattlePD: Preliminary info on shooting at 25/Cherry: Gunman opened fire in bar, 2 people hit. Suspect is down, but no details yet. More to come.

From SFD:

@SeattleFire: Medic transported 2 gunshot victims from 2500 block of east cherry . Male in 30’s with critical injuries. Female in 20’s stable. 3rd DOA

Witnesses say police shot the suspect.

Update from SPD:

@SeattlePD: Update: Susp. shot a man & a woman inside the bar before he was contacted by officers. Appears victims have non-life-threatening injuries

The female victim is 25. The male is in his 30s, police say.

We are awaiting an SPD briefing.

Update: SPD’s Nick Metz says it started as domestic incident between suspect and a woman. He then shot her and a bouncer, both not life-threatening.

As the suspect was exiting into the alley, SPD officer confronted him. Suspect shot once at officers, and officer returned fire, killing the suspect.



SPD’s Nick Metz talks to reporters outside the crime scene

64 thoughts on “Two people shot at Twilight Exit, police kill shooter

  1. As I was walking from my house to my door at 24th and Cherry, I heard a single gunshot. Within 2-3 minutes cops swarmed the place. From my home, I can see 3 fire dept paramedic units and probably a couple dozen police cars. I heard some people below on the street, one said “there’s been a massacre – all my friends are dead.”

  2. Heard 3 down at least, one female in the alley shot 3 times but conscious. Several down in the location. Concerning that no suspects and/or other activity on the scanner relating to locating shooter(s).

  3. I heard on the police scanner reports of at least three gunshot victims. It also sounded like the shooter was among the people who were injured (but it’s hard to tell whether this person was one of the three or a fourth).

  4. My husband was out with the dog at 25th/Marion. He heard the first shot, followed by screaming- including “call 911” and “the violence has got to stop.” He heard sirens, saw police, then heard multiple rapid shots.

  5. Looks like they’ve taken the commentary to another channnel because scanner is not reporting anything on 25th & Cherry that I can find. Not good.

  6. So sad that it’s at the Twilight (if it’s the case). Unfortunately, calls into question what quality establishment is safe going forward. Dammit.

    • This is very, very sad, but it will not impact me from going to Twilight. The Twilight is an important part of the CD, and this shooting doesn’t have to change that.

      It doesn’t mean that it’s any less safe as an establishment, and we need to step up our support for our neighborhood businesses now, not turn elsewhere.

      • Completely agree. Sad for the victims. Sad for the witnesses. How scary for everyone. But also sad for the community as a lot of Seattle-ites would see an something like this in Queen Anne or Ballard as an “isolated incident”, but will continue to believe this is just another day in the CD… when those of us who play with our kids at the playground across the street and enjoy the excuse for a beer at the Twilight with friends know that the neighborhood is and could be so much more. I will absolutely be back to the Twilight for tots soon.

    • This was one of those types of incedents that could have happened anywhere in the city. Twilight did the right thing by bouncing the suspect. I doubt anyone knew he had a gun.

      Twilight Exit is a quality establishment, I hope the bouncer makes a speedy recovery!

    • Guns, for better or worse, are here to stay. This was a domestic violence issue. Not that I’m big on guns, but the outcome may have been the same if the assailant just had a knife. It also could have happened anywhere else. The sad fact is, however, that it just happens waaaaay too much in the CD and as far as I know, nothing like this has ever happened at The Twilight Exit berfore. So, it would be inappropriate to deem this watering hole unsafe.

  7. Was told 4 down. Domestic dispute and the bouncer ejected someone. They came back with a big “silver” gun.

  8. So NOT what the Central District needs. I’ve always loved the diverse chill crowd at the Twilight Exit. Fun spot, cold PBR, and tasty tots. I’m so sad that this neighborhood I love so much just can’t shake its reputation. Cherry Street is NOT having a good run…

    • Painful. Seems like 1 foot forward 2 steps back. So sorry for the victims. That is certainly not a bar I would expect a shootout and damn glad I wasn’t there tonight. That said, never felt any type of threat there. Such a sad situation.

      • I have never felt threatened there either. It’s like any other divey-bar I’ve been to in the U-District. This is very disappointing. And if it was indeed the bouncer who got shot just for doing his job, that’s doubly awful.

  9. I feel sickened and sad. I love the Twilight, and I love that it’s a laid-back living room for everyone in our neighborhood. I’ve never even seen a fight there. Or raised voices. I’m shocked.

    • I hear you there. I love the Twilight and can’t understand the senseless violence either.

    • Obviously, the health and well-being of the two victims need to be front and center tonight. My thoughts go out to them, their families and their friends. That said, I hope the city can show some wisdom in dealing with the Twilight Exit, its owners and their employees. I just don’t want to see more innocent victims of these senseless acts….

  10. Sounds like a very angry person. A good thing that the victims appear to be in stable condition. A good thing the police were nearby. Could be any domestic argument in any part of the city, or any city or town. Please don’t blow this out of proportion.

    • Love to you all over there at 24th and Cherry. Go slow. Things happen. The city has many bad nights in many places.

  11. Hello. I am moving to the Central district and am a bit concerned reading about the violence and crime in the neighborhood. But I lived in San Francisco and Berkeley and so sort of familiar with urban settings. However I want to know about the safety of Seattle and whether commuting by bus at night (9- 10pm) is safe or not? ANd by safe I mean well…can get from one place to the next and feel safe. Ah hard to describe. Just looking for some input.


    • It is a neighborhood in transition. If you are urban aware you will be fine. Lived here for a decade and while there are some bad actors, the vast majority are good people.

    • If you’re smart, you’ll be fine. You might get mugged, but it’s as unlikely that you’ll get killed as it is anywhere in a country with as insane gun laws as the US.

    • If you lived in San Francisco and Berkeley, you will be fine. There was much more violence in the Mission than there is in the Central District, it just actually gets reported here.

    • The CD still has some problems but it is overall way safer than it was 20 or even 10 years ago. The area has been gentrifying rapidly, which can cause tensions, but overall for me the vitality, diversity, and convenience of this neighborhood outweigh the racial tension and lingering crime issues. As for safety, I am a 23-year-old female who commutes almost exclusively by bus and on foot, and I rarely feel uncomfortable. I walk to friends’ houses or neighborhood bars (like the Twilight) alone at night; I go for runs alone in the morning. Just be smart and keep your wits about you, make efforts to get involved in your community, get to know your neighbors, and smile and say hi to everyone you pass on the street. This is one of my favorite neighborhoods in Seattle (I’ve lived in this city my whole life; take my word for it). Welcome.

  12. I also want to say sorry to the victims and hope they recover. I know I should have put that in my initial write up…

  13. All the buses are fine. All kinds of hours. I am female, 70 and have used them nightly for years including in the CD and Beacon Hill. Don’t worry so much. This is an easy city.

  14. This news is very sad, but I’m glad these 2 innocent people are alive. I just want to add that this was a Domestic Dispute and shouldn’t reflect on the reputation of our hood. It also sounds like this couple were regulars, so although it is tragic it sounds very random and not related to the safety of The Central Dist. Sounds like police got there fast and thank God there were no more casualties. Being out late at night is always a risk. It would be great if there was light rail all the way through to Madison on MLK. I think that would make it less dark. But as far as the CD, yeah there is riff raff here and there, but there are also plenty of homeowners, artists, Microsoft people, wealthy, middle class, working class, black, white, Asian, young, old, rich, poor living side by side.

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  16. Wow, I and my buddy Bill got ejected from that place on Karaoke Night after one beer, due to an argument he had with one of the wait staff regarding whether his beer glass she took off the table still had any beer in it. I guess we were deemed to be serious potential threat, and permanently banned several weeks later, when I dropped by to pay the tab. Oh the irony!

    Guess they did us a favor after all?

    I definitely found this place to be fun Karaoke venue, but unfortunately the cheap drinks tend to be a draw for a small percentage of people with serious issues, hence its reputation as the neighborhood Dive Bar. If you want to steer clear of the few obvious Nut Jobs, best to stick to St Clouds, or the Ale House in my opinion. Unfortunately neither has Karaoke Night. I figured something like this would eventually happen.

    I genuinely feel sorry for the Customer and Staff member that were shot, and I wish them a speedy and full recovery.

    I guess this means the bar will be shut down for 6 months probation? I think this is mandatory, if there is a shooting/stabbing on the premises?

    • swarner – you do seriously suck. I spent countless nights there, and I have seen some douche bags kicked out, but never banned for life. By the tone of your message, I can tell there is more to that story and thank goodness your sorry ass is banned for life. Only asshats get banned for life.

      • Actually, ass hats own guns and are willing to go into bars and attempt to kill people. Yes I own a few guns, but I can assure you they are for purely defensive purposes, and I would never ever consider walking into a bar to kill someone out of spite, no matter how drunk, or stoned I might be. Yet this bar lets obviously deranged individuals hang out there while they 86 people who pose no threat whatsoever. Is there more to the story? Of course! The owner was trying to imply that I was some sort of stalker, because I apologized to one of his employees via Facebook for my friends behavior. But honestly my friend has been crippled by rheumatoid arthritis for over twenty years and they treated him like shit when we were there, over a disagreement about a glass of F’ing beer. So yes I got pissed that they kicked him out, I had words with the Bartender Gal and left the bar.

    • Normally I don’t read the comments section of articles because any semiliterate moron with a keyboard can say whatever asinine thing pops into their head. You have reminded me that this is probably best practice. Thank you for that. Since I’m here though I have to say your lack of tact is impressive. Sounds like the owner made the right decision and helped us regulars steer clear of at least one obvious nut job.

      • In defense of the comment thread, I would like to thank the vast majority of people for being thoughtful and caring of each other. There are not many online communities that could get so many comments on a story about a shooting while being so considerate (these fights at the end excepted). So thanks, everyone!

    • Contacting an employee, especially a female, via cyber stalking after making inappropriate comments to that employee while being asked to leave will always get you banned. Customer AND employee safety is very important to us.

      • Really, and what about the safety of a nine month child left at home so his Mother could get Drunk at your Bar? And it was said that these two were regulars? So someone must have known enough, to know what her situation was, and that she had a very young child at home?

        You seem to have a very skewed notion of what actually constitutes stocking. Two messages via a public forum (Facebook, one of which was an apology for my friends remark) hardly constitutes stalking by any stretch of your imagination. Maybe you need to ask Paralegal Girl about that one?

        It’s OK Stephan, my business is more than appreciated at every single bar in this neighborhood, except yours. So be it!

      • Stephan – I live around the corner, have been in your establishment a couple times and often go for dinner at the Neighbor Lady. Both establishments are well liked in the neighborhood and we wish you and your staff well.

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  18. CD is very unsafe. I like the Exit and this may be random, but, it happened here on 23rd in the CmD – the central murder district. Only ignorent fools feel safe here.

    • You’ve not been many places I’m guessing if you consider this area very unsafe. The CD has moments much like any major city cram-packed full of people but I have never worried for life or limb. Loss of personal property sucks but isn’t even in the same category as murder. It’s not Redmond but ____ happens there too.

      • After 15 years in DC (and mostly loving it, still love to visit) saying the CD is not safe says you don’t belong in a US city ever.

    • Well, This “ignorant fool” loves the Central District and will continue to call it home for many more years.

    • Hey, at least we don’t have crack dealers lined up on Cherry from 23rd to 34th anymore, or the typical daily drive by shooting. Seems much improved from what it use to be.

  19. In terms of safety, I feel safe here. No matter where I live or walk, I would avoid becoming very isolated mentally or physically and would always try to be aware of my surroundings. I suggest getting the facts and data available regarding various neighborhoods and Seattle in general.

    • Snapshot of early evening tonight:
      SeattlePD George3 @SeattlePDG3 1h
      Beat:G3, DISTURBANCE, OTHER at 23 AV / E SPRING ST reported on 1/28/2013 8:48 PM, Call# 13000032221
      View details ·
      SeattlePD George3 @SeattlePDG3 3h
      Beat:G3, STRONG ARM ROBBERY at 23XX BLOCK OF E UNION ST reported on 1/28/2013 6:57 PM, Call# 13000031883
      View details ·
      SeattlePD George3 @SeattlePDG3 4h
      Beat:G3, ASSAULTS, OTHER at 9XX BLOCK OF 27TH AVE reported on 1/28/2013 6:27 PM, Call# 13000032039
      View details ·

      • Go to and enter your address to get the beat you are in; then follow the instructions. There is also a beat map. You can also sign up for other beats you are interested in. I live near the intersection of four beats and have signed up for all of them. I don’t know the url doesn’t hyperlink – you may have to cut and paste if it still doesn’t do so on the CDN page.

        The incidents tweeted seem to be chosen at random.

  20. Hi Carolyn, I see that it has been a very busy night. The assault and robbery are especially concerning. I was out and about and most seemed peaceful. I did hear some sirens. Most of the time when I take a look at these not much is happening for days and now it does not look good. I hope this is not a trend.

  21. Thank you for that feedback. If you do look at a crime map most of it occurs near the downtown area. I’m sure it’s all about being aware of your surroundings and what your carrying.

    • Joy, yes, I have noticed that number of incidents increase with the density and where many people congregate to shop, eat, have fun or whatever. Of course, percentages would make that likely, and we still need those places. Balance is always important. Still the public safety in any area should not be neglected, and there are some areas where neglect and/or a few bad actors can make the neighborhood less safe than is reasonable.

  22. This is why we need a full ban on alcohol and guns. And we need to expand the death penalty to include the horrific crimes of domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse and neglect; also threats, menacing, and intimidation of any kind. First offense! No appeal!

    Americans are far too soft on crime! And the first thing we need to do is shut down every bar in the Central Area, beginning with that one.

    • Don, you obviously have issues, do not go to any public place like a bar or resurtrant in the CD until you have seeked profesional help, really!

    • Don,
      It seems you want to ban everything, and leave only institutionalized murder of people that annoy you legal. Serious you should seek some sort of counseling regarding your fear and hate of everything and everyone.

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